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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Land of India...

The land of variety
of countless cultures
and glorious traditions
the land of joy and celebration
of generosity and warmth
is my land

The land of the Mahatma
of Lokmanya Tilak and Swami Vivekananda
of Bhagat Singh, Chatrapati Shivaji
and the wonderful Rani Laxmibai
is my land

The land of courage and valor
of dreams and desire
the land of resolution
and fierce revolution
the land of undying spirit
and galloping gallantry
is my land

The land of Spirituality and Yoga
of Bharatnatyam,Kathak, Kuchipudi
and Ayurveda
is my land

The land of Durga and Kali
of Holi and Diwali
of  Krishna, Ganesha and Shiva
of  the Christ, Buddha and Allah,
is my land

The land of contrasts
of oneness
in the diverseness
the land of creativity amid the chaos
is my land

The land of billions of people
the land of billions of thoughts
yet the land with one emotion

Happy 70th Indian Independence Day to all of you.
Jai Hind!

Poem Copyright- Manasi Joshi 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The Girl In the Rain..

It was a rainy evening
She kept wandering through the streets
Her mind kept jumping
Her heart kept pumping

She wallowed in sorrow
For her heart had been shattered
and she felt as if there was no tomorrow

She wanted to scream
She wanted to cry
She wanted to die
Because she was deeply wounded
By a lie

There was so much pain inside
But she remained mum on the outside
There were so many questions
Yet no answers

All she could hear were the rain drops
So she decided to speak to the rain
To see if it could help her deal with the pain

So.. slowly..
She let the water
Dissolve her worries
her fears and her gloominess

She let the downpour
Wash away her grief and stress
As the rain drops
soaked her lovely dress

She allowed the rain
to be her friend
and give her solace
she allowed her tears to freely flow
and merge in the rainwater

Thoroughly drenched from head to toe
After walking in the rain
for a long long while

She finally got a smile
her eyes sparkled
full of happiness

She jumped with joy
and danced in the rain
Because gone was her pain
and she finally felt free...

Poem by: Manasi Joshi.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Mistakes often frustrate
mistakes make you depressed
they make you feel small
they make you feel low
they make you feel as if 
you are not worth and all hollow

Mistakes often land you down in the dumps
they make you blame yourself
they hurt your ego 
they make you feel rejected 
and of course dejected

they land you into trouble 
and make you speak lies 

But from every mistake if you rise
like a phoenix from the ashes
then no mistake can make you

feel the need to criticise

Mistakes teach you
only if you choose to learn from them
every mistake is a way to grow
only if you allow it to do so 

Don't wallow in self pity or self loathing 
instead choose to grasp 
and let every mistake
make you understand
exactly where you stand

 Don't berate yourself
because for every mistake you do
there is always a way to make it right
so that you can stand upright
in front of the mirror
and look at yourself
with valor 

Admiting a mistake
is not a sign of weakess
it is a sign of inner strength
and of good mental health

Don't repeat the same mistake
as it is then your habit
but choose to make new ones
to absorb and assimilate

Mistakes.. mistakes..
Afterall who doesn't make them?  
We are human 
Made of flesh and blood
and the path to success
is often one where
we overcome and confront them

So let them be
After a mistake rest and recover
Think a bit and ponder
so that you may discover
the best of what
the world has to offer...


Mistakes make you real.. They make you human. When you set out to correct them, they can teach you a lot and lead you to success! So stay happy and keep growing!!
Manasi Joshi. 

Friday, 28 April 2017

Nutella pancakes!!

Hey everyone!!
So it's been like really too long that I have posted a recipe on my blog.. Especially a dessert. Since I don't have a sweet tooth and prefer spicy food over sweet, I hardly appreciate any desserts that come my way. But a while ago I had nutella pancakes at a cafe in Mumbai  which were way too good and the idea to prepare them stuck in my head.

As I had time to cook something today, I decided to try making nutella whole wheat pancakes at home.

I'm sharing the recipe with all of you. It's pretty quick and easy.


Ingredients needed for dough:

1. Sugar (4-5 tablespoons)
2. Whole wheat flour (according to requirement. apprx 4-5 cups)
3. Milk (1 to 1 and half cups)
4. Curd ( 2-3 tablespoons)
5. Cardamom i.e elaichi (4 pods)
6. Water
7. Nutella ( 2 tablespoons)
8. Baking soda (Optional)


1. Mix the ingredients properly and knead the dough till it becomes thick yet soft. Let the dough rest for 1 to 2 hours..

2. Heat a frying pan. You have to roll the pancakes like you usually do so for chapatis. Give them proper round shape according to your preference.

3. Now roast the pancakes on the pan. You can add oil or butter to cook them as per your wish. I used oil.

4. Once you are done preparing the pancakes, apply nutella paste over them either on one side or on both sides as per your wish.

Your nutella whole wheat pancakes are ready!!!

You can serve them with any type of ice cream and fruit you wish.

I have served them with vanilla ice cream and pomogranate fruit.

Indulge tn the dessert and enjoy!!

That's it from me now.

Catch up with you all soon!


Monday, 27 March 2017

Downtrodden Doctors???!!

Hi everyone! So apparently the "Doctor Strike" in Maharashtra has come to an end after assurance given by CM Devendra Fadnavis.

As a Physiotherapist who has studied and is working in Maharashtra, somewhere, all of this has given me something to ponder upon and has saddened me to a great extent. It has however, not surprised me at all. I have seen the relatives of patients manhaldling resident doctors and surgeons ever since I was a student. This day had to come sooner or later.

I have myself faced patients relatives at certain hospitals who have ordered me around and expected me to get their bedridden kin up, walking and totally alright in two days which according to his condition was not possible and I really had a tough time explaining them the situation. There have been many such incidents which I have faced and keep facing. Let's not get into that. That's not the point.

My point is, the mentality which people have these days. Most people these days feel they can throw in a few bucks and "buy" their health. Sorry to say, but this not a shopping mall, it is your body and you cannot 'buy' or 'threaten' a health professional to cure it instantly. People want instant results and effects. The temperatures rise high quickly and tolerance levels have reduced greatly. Add to that the mentality that "all doctors extort money from us." I agree certain hospitals charge a high sum and
there are certain elements in the health sector out there to just extort money and make profits. But aren't such people there in every field and sector? Then why stereotype and label all of us???

It is this mentality which is giving rise to anger, hate and prejudice among people against the medical fraternity. It is this mentality which needs to be changed to prevent violence agianst Doctors.

I would like to say that we invest a lot in getting the title of- 'Physiotherapist', 'Dentist', 'Surgeon', 'Eye-Specialist' 'Radiologist' etc. It's not just about being called a Doctor. It's about living up to be one.

A lot of investment goes in becoming a health professional and it's not just money. It's also a substantial amout of years. A lot of sweat, tears, worries and sleepless nights and hungry days.

For me personally, the satisfaction of helping someone and curing them and making them feel better through the knowledge I have gained is much much more than anything else. No amount words can describe that feeling. 

I am writing this not because I want to be hailed or worshipped as someone great. Not at all. I am a multifaceted being with varied interests right from blogging, writing and reading to dancing, cooking and travelling. But even then being a Physiotherapist is an important part of my life and I would never ever change that irrespective of anything.

I just want to put forth that Doctors don't need worshipping them as Gods. All we need is a smile and a little bit of humanity from you. We are as human as you are and as long as you remember that, it's enough for us. Thank you.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Mumbai- The city which transformed me.

It's been two years in Mumbai now!! Yay! People have asked me often to blog more about the place and I hope I can write more posts about it.

Mumbai has taught me a lot. From being independent, to learning about people from all parts of the country, to house hunting and changing homes where I have had the whackiest to the best of the experiences, to meeting random strangers with whom I have had life changing conversations, to meeting stark crazy people who have taught me how to be alert and stay aware, it's been quite a ride!

There's nothing that this city hasn't made me experience. There are times when I am exhilarated at just being here on my own and there are times when I have been totally down in dumps, wanting to pack my bags and leave.

Mumbai is the city of dreams they say and it sure is..but you have to have your fair share of struggle to be something here.

From totally fun night outings at Juhu beach and Marine Drive, to traveling long hours in local trains for work and being totally zapped at the end of the day, I have seen it all. The city has made me experience the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows. All the extremes, all the shades, this city has it all.

I have been pushed and pulled in the local trains and I have been helped by totally random strangers. I have been appalled by the poverty and the filth in the city and been in awe of the wealth of the rich people here. From actors, to businessmen, to corporate employees to others, there have been so many people I have met and just been fascinated by them.

I love my home city Pune and always will. Nothing can change that. But, Mumbai is one city which has transformed me completely. There's something about the city that draws you, pulls you in and makes you love it. It's almost like a magnet, attracting lakhs of people from all over the country to come here and try their luck.

There's something about this city, no matter how crowded it is, you can always find peace and solace in it. No matter how hard it is to struggle here, one can always find hope and help somewhere and somehow.

I have always been an observer and as a writer, I love to explore the subtle and not-so-subtle things about any place. I love observing people and Mumbai has been a learning experience for me in that sense. Mumbai in all it's glory, is a city of stark contrasts.

I am no longer the same person who came to the city.

I have always had certain fears and apprehensions. Mumbai helped me overcome them. I would have never gone and had a meal all by myself in a restaurant or mall 2 years back, would have never gone shopping all on my own but I have done it in Mumbai. I have learnt to manage my finances better, learnt the value of small things and learnt to stand up for myself when required. I have learnt the value of time and learnt how to multitask and manage things in a better way. The best thing about the city is that everyone is going through struggles of their own, so no one will judge you immediately.

 It's been a journey in the city, which has helped me to evolve and become a better version of my self. I continue to understand new things about myself and the world here. Mumbai has given me it's fair share of blows but never have I felt as if I have lost hope. Mumbai is overwhelming and sometimes too much to handle. But it's certainly worth the struggle. It has made me stronger and more resilient. Mumbai is the city which makes me feel more like "me" and makes me feel "alive" It has made me move out of my "comfort zone" and has helped me to broaden my perspective about life. Mumbai continues to make me grow as a person.

Mumbai may not be my city, but it definitely is my kind of city and it has a special place in my heart.

Monday, 9 January 2017

As long as you have Hope..

When you are down in dumps
and nothing makes you jump
When you are feeling lost,
Just hold on tight
and don't give up without a fight
Because as long as you have hope
You'll be alright...

When things seem clouded
and you can't see anymore,
life seems to be a mess
and whatever you do,
seems to work no more,
allow a ray of hope to pierce through
and make things clear
 Because as long as you have hope
You'll be alright...

If you want your present
to be iridescent
If you want your future
to be dazzling and smoother
All you have do
is embrace hope and laughter
Because as long as you have hope
You'll be alright...

Hope may not solve all your problems
It may not be the solution to your worries
but it give you solace
and adds strength to your being
by making you feel alive
It gives you courage
and an instinct for survival
Because as long as you have hope
You'll be alright...

I hope you all have a fantastic 2017. Happy New Year to all of you! :)

Copyright- Manasi Joshi
A Moment Of Freedom