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Villagers in cities, the biggest controversy.

The other day I was meeting my friend but she came a bit late. She said, "These beggars, one of them,a small boy, was literally chasing me, I had to give him 10 whole rupees, only then he went away, don't know where these people come from,sorry I'm late." That she was late, didn't matter to me, I was wondering, what causes these beggars to send their own children begging like this, on the roads, I mean I fully respect the begging racket shown in movies and written about in newspapers, but are there some more reasons, which lead the poor strata of society to beg,borrow & steal??
Thousands of villagers migrate daily to big metro-politan cities in search of work, because they can no longer afford to earn a living by farming. Farmers are suffering day & night. By the way I thought that farming is the main occupation of India, but looking at the current situation of farmers in our country, I don't think so, do you???
Who is to be blamed for the increasing un…

mobile mantra...!!!!

Yesterday night at 12 am, a beep on my cell phone indicated that I had recieved a text read "hiee,hw r u?wht r u doin?rep soon" well obviously at such an hour, I usually am getting ready to sleep..but still I replied.."m fine wht abt u?i ws readin,wht u doin?"
now, I wasn't actually reading anything,my eyelids were drooping & so I was about to sleep, but just a text message by a friend on my Samsung mobile phone & there!!! I was wide awake ready to chat away!! As you people might have experienced, once we start chatting, its an never ending process, I finally slept at 2:30 am....I was wondering, what is the reason that keeps me awake at night & engrossed in my cell phone in the day?? Is it excitement of chatting with a particular person, or is it the sheer pleasure of holding a high power,high technology device in my hand which connects me to so many people even if they are miles apart from me, or is it the fact that the 'SMS packs&#…

Fitness & beauty mania!!

I woke up late on a sunday morning as usual...I got up & looked into the mirror....& like I always do...I started critising myself for being plump..In the afternoon,as I switched on the television, I saw the ultimate size zero kareena kapoor sizzling away...
& my inferiority complex increased double fold..!!!I tried finding the solution to my 'big fat' problem by asking my friends.some said, "try the gym..It really helps" yeah...I said to myself,,I sure would try the gym,I would definitely go there, if & when my mom would give me the money (which she would never, she knows I am never regular at anything...) & if & when I would get a few hours apart from my college & studies...( which is next to I have heavy hours of academics) I neatly cancelled out the option if going to a gym...I asked still some of my friends...and they said "chill yaar,,why are u so worried?" I said to myself,,of course,why am I worried,I a…

Indian youth - modern..really??

It seems like a frequent routine to me now, to hear people in their forties & older than that to say "You youngsters are so rude, no culture no respect, now in our times we were........" & they go on & on & on.

It makes me wonder that are we so bad?? have we really no respect? have we lost all our modesty, & the so called 'sanskriti' in an effort to 'modernize' ourselves????

From one point of view, i feel yes...all the above views may be correct. But then again, I remember the innumerable times I and my friends have cursed the Indian government for being lazy & corrupt,the college teachers for not teaching properly, the rickshaw wallah for not driving according to the meter system, the petrol pumps for not filling the entire amount of petrol for which we pay,the dirty roads full of garbage, & so on & so forth..the amount of discussions we have had at such instances are endless. Thinking a bit deeper,doesn't that show that in …