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Friday, 16 July 2010

Villagers in cities, the biggest controversy.

The other day I was meeting my friend but she came a bit late. She said, "These beggars, one of them,a small boy, was literally chasing me, I had to give him 10 whole rupees, only then he went away, don't know where these people come from,sorry I'm late." That she was late, didn't matter to me, I was wondering, what causes these beggars to send their own children begging like this, on the roads, I mean I fully respect the begging racket shown in movies and written about in newspapers, but are there some more reasons, which lead the poor strata of society to beg,borrow & steal??

Thousands of villagers migrate daily to big metro-politan cities in search of work, because they can no longer afford to earn a living by farming. Farmers are suffering day & night. By the way I thought that farming is the main occupation of India, but looking at the current situation of farmers in our country, I don't think so, do you???

Who is to be blamed for the increasing unemployment in cities due to migration of people??? Well maybe the people who migrate to a particular city, but who is to blamed for the 'reasons' why they migrate??? Isn't this controversial topic of people crowding to a particular city,something to think about deeply???

Poor quality of education, no development, low electricity supply, social & cultural superstitions, lots of diseases, unhygienic conditions, then what should the people do? Die there or migrate to a city?? Obviously the latter, unless they are jumping with enthusiasm at the thought of death!!

Well, eventually when they migrate to cities, they are attracted to the glamour, to the luxurious lifestyle & the delicious food over there...but they don't have money to live such a they resort to stealing,drugs & other such horrible crimes, to get what they want. In the process, they lose their village- morals, & get stuck up in a vicious circle of crime, dirt and violence. Either that, or they build roadside huts, beg when they can't do anything else, or do small odd jobs like working as labourers in construction sites & stuff. This is the way they struggle in cities in order to earn a livelihood....

Okay this was just one aspect, I mean, as a person living in cities all my life & never actually living in villages ever, I am not perfectly aware of the life in a village...So even I hate the roadside dust, pollution, garbage littering, smelly people spitting & all that, which I get to see in my city...We living in Pune, travel in vehicles most of the time & even I am irritated at people begging at the "traffic signals" I mean, why should I give a rupee to someone when nobody gives me even a fifty-paise coin??? As it is, the traffic in our city is major problem & people are taking advantage of us even worse can it get??!!!??

But yes, I don't entirely blame such people, Raj Thackeray may shout hoarse that Biharis are ruining Mumbai, they maybe,considering the increasing filth & crime in the city,etc etc, but what has motivated them to come here?? Life in Mumbai or for that matter, in any other metro city is not easy, but to those villagers, this life is much better than the hell they are living in. So are they really to be blamed??

Gone are the days when villages were associated with lush green landscapes, innocently happy people, huge farms, happy joint families & healthy cattle & chirping birds. We see just dry farms, crying females, suicide cases, thin cows & hungry children...such is the plight of our villagers today. All because our politicians are so very engrossed in increasing their bank balance, that they have forgotten that India is a land of villages, with almost 7 & half lakh or more villages in our country and it is their duty to look into such matters.It is a matter of sheer common sense isn't it, if we put some efforts in developing villages, the people there won't ever feel the need to migrate to the cities! I feel there is an urgent need to look into this matter.

As a volunteer of the Art of living, having done courses like YES!+(Youth empowerment & skills seminar) I have realized that there are people in this country, who are actually working so that such people are benefited so that we all have a better India,& motivating youth like us,  but more & more of us should become aware that just visiting Dominoes & high class restaurants & earning money & spending it isn't called a life, we live a "REAL LIFE" when we can spread smiles to the people around us & do something for the society...the satisfaction of having contributed, even a little to make someone's life better, is hundred times more than just hanging out doing nothing, gossiping who wears what or who smokes & who doesn't!! Come on, live a life! Ultimately before we die, we should have the feeling of living life fully, because when we spread a smile, someone else makes it sure that we smile, that's the magic of service! Wake up India!!!!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

mobile mantra...!!!!

Yesterday night at 12 am, a beep on my cell phone indicated that I had recieved a text read "hiee,hw r u?wht r u doin?rep soon" well obviously at such an hour, I usually am getting ready to sleep..but still I replied.."m fine wht abt u?i ws readin,wht u doin?"
now, I wasn't actually reading anything,my eyelids were drooping & so I was about to sleep, but just a text message by a friend on my Samsung mobile phone & there!!! I was wide awake ready to chat away!! As you people might have experienced, once we start chatting, its an never ending process, I finally slept at 2:30 am.... I was wondering, what is the reason that keeps me awake at night & engrossed in my cell phone in the day?? Is it excitement of chatting with a particular person, or is it the sheer pleasure of holding a high power,high technology device in my hand which connects me to so many people even if they are miles apart from me, or is it the fact that the 'SMS packs' designed by companies are getting cheaper by the day & I simply want to finish my "msg pack" by sending anything from silly shayaris to ultimate PJs to SMSes full of crap emotions......???? What is it that makes me think that I can't really live without my cell phone??? I am still trying to figure out the answer, but my current guess is that the simplest of the reason is "communication"...maybe that's the reason I carry my mobile around as if its a piece of treasure... I then suddenly remembered the line in my civics text book in school..."MAN IS A SOCIAL ANIMAL"... animals we are,I have remembered that through out my life till date,being first a biology & now a medical student....Its just that I couldn't digest the word "social" I mean like, I am utterly confused... we human beings are so intelligent & geniuses to carry a device which fits into our hands into which a sim card smaller than a biscuit is inserted,& we are connected to the world in less than a minute.. on the other hand, we human beings are being obtuse by forgetting that it is we who created the device & we are not mere puppets & slaves of technology.... I was shocked the other day, to see a 6 year old boy saying to his parents, "why dont you give me a mobile like u have given my big brother?? then I can SMS you when I finish playing." the "big" brother was apparently a 10 year old kid...imagine kids pressing their tiny fingers onto the mobile phones just because their mommy & daddy use it....where has all the innocence gone??? was it really there, I wonder....... true, that in today's age,the necessity to communicate has increased to a great extent with so many new businesses,ventures & things coming up, people need the device for an instant connect & for many other reasons like listening to songs, surfing the internet & so on & so forth..People would call me crazy for crictising the usage of mobile phones & I don't blame them, after all I myself use my cell phone & I love it... ...BUT...when usage turns into addiction,life becomes hell my friends,,not only for the person addicted to the cell phone but also for the people around him or her,, the "mobile addict" forgets to talk with the people around him like his friends or family..& it really is a nuisance when the person u want to talk something important to, fiddles continuously with his mobile phone or keeps talking on it....I mean,,if we are social human beings then is the mobile phone more important than actual "real" human beings??? Isn't it something to think about???? I am not saying that we ban mobile phones or something senseless like that..but we don't want "deaddiction" centres for mobile phones,do we????? I guess our priority should be relations & mobiles are just a way of communicating & maintaining those relations...nothing more than that....(of course there are many other uses of a mobile phone...I'm not disagreeing)...but people are forgetting that the cell phone is just a definitely is a fantastic piece of doubt about that...but we human beings are much more fantastic....I see that many people are forgetting that..!!! Excuse me, I have to stop typing & cut short here,,, my cell phone just beeped!!! let me see who is it........LOL! WARNING: to all my friends & friends of theirs & whomsoever who reads this..please keep your mobile phones away from your bodies as much as can prove to be a health hazard if you keep your mobile phones continuously in your jeans or shirt pockets..Beware!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Fitness & beauty mania!!

I woke up late on a sunday morning as usual...I got up & looked into the mirror....& like I always do...I started critising myself for being plump.. In the afternoon,as I switched on the television, I saw the ultimate size zero kareena kapoor sizzling away...
& my inferiority complex increased double fold..!!! I tried finding the solution to my 'big fat' problem by asking my friends.some said, "try the gym..It really helps" yeah...I said to myself,,I sure would try the gym,I would definitely go there, if & when my mom would give me the money (which she would never, she knows I am never regular at anything...) & if & when I would get a few hours apart from my college & studies...( which is next to I have heavy hours of academics) I neatly cancelled out the option if going to a gym... I asked still some of my friends...and they said "chill yaar,,why are u so worried?" I said to myself,,of course,why am I worried,I am going to be the next miss universe,aren't I?? LOL....hehehe.. I tried out many new ideas & stuff..after all,being slim is the latest mantra, or is being fit the latest mantra?? Hold on,hold on what exactly is the difference between being thin & being fit?? U people may know the answer, but me, I was a bit slow understanding that!! Finally it dawned to me that being fit includes not only physical but also mental & emotional fitness, I understood that I should keep a watch on my behaviour also... Anyway....after a lot of self analysis & reading & stuff, I came to the conclusion that what matters the most in life is to be happy & to make others happy...because although it may sound a bit clich├ęd, the truth is that real beauty lies within us & no matter how many layers of make-up we apply & how many new branded clothes we wear, nothing is more important than a smile...just a smile makes things so much more easier & life so much more beautiful... again...the question arises that even though all these above words may be true, isn't it important to excercise & workout regularly??? my answer to this question would be,yes it is definitely important to workout or do any sort of physical excercise because it rejuvinates our body & keeps obesity, heart & cholesterol diseases at bay....we all should definitely watch our lifestyles & keep a check on our daily routines.... I guess the trick to stay fit & beautiful is to do all the efforts you can, but at the same time be mentally relaxed & happy...the key is to smile, be content & remember that there's nobody in the world like you....!!!!!!!! At last I understood that I may be silly...but atleast I am unique...& my friends,,so are you..!!! 

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Indian youth - modern..really??

It seems like a frequent routine to me now, to hear people in their forties & older than that to say "You youngsters are so rude, no culture no respect, now in our times we were........" & they go on & on & on.

It makes me wonder that are we so bad?? have we really no respect? have we lost all our modesty, & the so called 'sanskriti' in an effort to 'modernize' ourselves????

From one point of view, i feel yes...all the above views may be correct. But then again, I remember the innumerable times I and my friends have cursed the Indian government for being lazy & corrupt,the college teachers for not teaching properly, the rickshaw wallah for not driving according to the meter system, the petrol pumps for not filling the entire amount of petrol for which we pay,the dirty roads full of garbage, & so on & so forth..the amount of discussions we have had at such instances are endless. Thinking a bit deeper,doesn't that show that in spite of being the so called new generation, we do have a 'conscience' deep rooted in us

When I come to think of it, right at this moment, like me, thousands of youngsters in India wearing the so called "Cool" tag on their T-shirts will be doing so many supposedly "Uncool " things. Why?? Is it just because we "have" to or somewhere we "want to" too??

 My point is, if we, today's generation are becoming more aware of the current situation in India, we do it because we understand that some things are wrong & they must be set right...
I know some where every one of us wants a better India

 I want to set forth this view across India, that we may be modern and upto date with the current trends across the world. That's what the current India needs to develop.. so what, wearing jeans & a Tee is what we are comfortable in..but deep in our hearts we all should realise that we are basically true Indians by blood & our forefathers should rest in peace, because their values and culture are still running in us even though very subtley!

Also I feel that the people of the older generation should also learn to accept us just the way we are. Maybe we wear jeans and tees and what else, but that doesn't make us "less sanskari" and and "without values" It's high time they understood that!!

And as youngsters we all should realise that just to be cool and hip we need not disrespect our own culture and values. Yes superstitions are bad but the good values which our country has like living in peace and harmony and many such other things, such things we should value and respect! Gone are the days when we youth used to say" Iss desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta" Our country is in our hands! 

On a lighter note.. the pani puri & pav bhaji stalls are increasing day by day! even if young people stuff their mouths with a cheesy Indian youngster would be able to ignore the alluring aroma of the great "vada-pav"or the "kachchi dabeli"!!! no!

I don't see that happening in the places in India where I have been.

Indianess is reflected everywhere!

 So my friends do go & tell the world that we may have modernised ourselves but the finishing touch is wholely & truely Indian..!!!because the bond of love is the strongest. Deep rooted values never argue whether a lungi or dhoti, is better than the jeans or leggings!

The age old debate of the generations will go on all over the country I guess. So just relax and enjoy it like a show!!

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy, Be You

Au Revoir!