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RoAd TrAfFiC AcCiDeNts..!!!

Part A
Two months back, I was posted in Sahyadri speciality hospital (deccan gymkhana, Pune) for my Clinical postings... Just like my daily routine, I went to college & then to my postings.... I travel on my pink Scooty pep+ everyday, as I have no other option, except to drive...(I despise driving actually...i get freaked out)
As I was driving at a slow speed & was about to take a left turn, a man on his motorbike came from the wrong side, suddenly swerved his bike in front of me & we were about to crash horribly into one another...

thankfully I pulled my brakes just in time,hitting a stone in process & losing my balance .... "dekh nahi sakte kya uncle??" I yelled at him... He replied by mouthing a few, very classic bad words at me... I was furious..& I realised that I was shaking with shock, my left arm & right ankle hurt & of course I was late...... Trying to come back to normal, I sped up my scooty a bit & finally reached the hospital... I quick…

Chinese-Italian Pasta..!!

When it comes to cooking, everyone around the world has different tastes and likes.
Cooking I suppose, is an art in itself.

The best part about it is you can always create something new.

So here is my recipe of a unique  "Chinese-Italian Pasta"