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Sunday, 16 October 2011

The complete picture

It was another one of those days where one feels a little low.. I was wondering.... what was a free-spirited, fun-loving, emotional & art loving & a novel fanatic who loves to be in her own world, doing in the field of medicine?? Am I a misfit?? After all, I don't get the "perfect" scores, which boast of my ability to mug up lines nor am I the 'apple of the eye' of my professors...

But then I remembered how happy I feel after treating a few patients when we are at our postings, how nice I feel when I see the pretty smiles of the babies at SOFOSH* and how fascinated at times I am at the way our human body works in co-ordination to the minutest detail...
Okay, so I decided may be I was in the right place after all.. besides, I couldn't really imagine that if not a physiotherapy student, what else would I I left it at that....

I guess there are some trivial things in life which give you happiness.. here's my list for you....
let me think... umm...
playing idiotic pranks on people,
watching worthless television dailies & discussing them with your girl gang or
feeling a relief as the weekend arrives,
or may be being late to an early morning class,
or writing a silly post like this on my blog
listening to music
eating pani puri 
& of course that feeling of being in love...

Well that was my list. There are many more such things, but I've skipped writing them over here. I'm sure you have one list too... each person has his or her own list of the so-called  unimportant things they do in life, which they think are unnecessary. I feel that it is these trivial things in life make it worth living.
Go & make your list.. now!!! Then you'll realise that yes, the bigger things in your life like your career or studies or your work play a crucial role in establishing your identity & earning you a livelihood, luxury & to some extent give one happiness,, but it is those itsy-bitsy things in your life that make it a complete picture which is worth looking at.. 
Now lets say you had to buy a picture...Imagine a half painted picture of a huge mansion & everything else blank on the canvas & the same mansion on the canvas with the background filled with flowers, trees, two people walking here and there... most of us would prefer to buy the latter wouldn't we?? Life my friends. is a blank canvas & its upto us to make it an interesting picture... not for anybody else, but for ourselves!! So I guess those things which make up the background do matter....

Yeah yeah, I know this post doesn't make much sense...but I don't want it to, anyway...!!! Au revoir!

*SOFOSH is an orphanage run by an NGO, attached to the government hospital Sassoon in Pune, where we students are posted to get paediatric exposure.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Anna Hazare. Uprising 2011!

 After years of slavery against the 'firangis' our country came together & fought for freedom & obtained it in 1947... But soon, we became slaves to corruption, & finally,after years of suffering, we are fighting to free ourselves from this monster in 2011... yes, this struggle isn't going to be easy....the time for the right to triumph over the wrong has come...the government's flimsy excuses for arresting anna aren't fooling anyone & its time that these inhuman people realise that no amount of arresting, beating or talking is going to scare us or change our opinion about them... we've all had enough... Anna Hazare isn't merely a person. He's the face of India... even if they manage to subdue him, more 'Annas' will stand up against them.. Its not just a fight against corruption, its a fight against injustice.. The frustration & anger at the government had already started reaching its peak, Anna has just added fuel to the fire of justice, truth & honesty, & its going to burn all the negativities in our nation..The sooner the government realises that they are a handful of them, against the whole nation, the better it is for them...We just aren't going to back out, are we?? India is going to win this battle against corruption, sooner or later, don't you agree?? I call it the 2011 UPRISING!.. This year is going to go down in pages of history & we all can proudly say few years later, that we were a part of the battle (no matter how small) for justice!!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Harry Potter: a fan's (my) journey through the years

I was 8 years old, when I read my first Harry Potter book. Since then, I haven't ever looked back! At that age, reading Harry Potter was like making a new best friend, a friend, who stuck with me through good & bad times for 12 whole years! Harry has been a friend who made me laugh when I was upset, took me to another world, when things were not so good around me, in my world.
I still remember how excited I & my friends used to be whenever the next book of Harry Potter used to be released worldwide, travel all the way & come to a bookstore near me.
Then along came the movies.. seeing the then tiny (now so very hot!) Daniel Radcliffe play Harry, was so perfect, he was just like I had imagined Harry to be; same goes with Rupert Grint & Emma Watson, for playing Ron & Hermione.

I was fascinated, gripped by & immersed into Harry's world.. I had even practised writing on a paper with a 'quill'!! (apparently a pigeon feather, in my case!!)
Through the years, I never ever missed reading a Potter book, or seeing a Potter movie. I laughed (RON WEASLEY : "I want to fix that in my memory forever." " Draco Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret...", "Viktor? Hasn't he asked you to call him Vicky yet?", "Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow, turn this stupid, fat rat yellow." hehehe lol)

And I cried too!! When Cedric Diggory died, I cried, so did I when Sirius Black did..I was broken when Dumbledore died, consumed with as much anger as Harry & wanted to avenge Snape! When I finally understood that Severus Snape was a noble man at the end of the series, I felt sorry for him because he always loved Lily, & did everything for her.. Voldemort, his ruthlessness & power-hungry attitude, scared me ; made me support Harry even more!!

J.K.Rowling taught the world once again in her style that the good will triumph over the evil through all difficulties, that love is the strongest emotion (which was the factor that made Harry different than Voldemort), that true friendship is selfless & loyalty gives you strength & that human imagination has no limits...

As the final movie of Harry Potter releases this weekend,I feel a twinge of sadness.. I thought of all the times, when I learnt so much from this series of Harry Potter. I feel, even though the series may have ended, Harry Potter, Ron(ald)Weasley & Hermione Granger will forever be stamped on my mind & heart. The HP series is very much a part of what I am today, good or bad.

thank you everyone who has read this, I would cast "a spell & say "Engorgio" to your happiness,so that you can drive away the "Dementors in your life with your happy Patronus when you say "Expecto Patronum"!!! & to all Harry Potter haters, may "Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes" take good care of you! Or I may just "stupefy" you!

As for me, some part of my mind will always be there at Hogwarts, talking to Hagrid & watching harry ride a Firebolt! Cheers to Harry Potter, cheers to thinking out-of-the box, cheers to weirdness,cheers to magic & therefore cheers to LIFE!!
 "It all ends" only onscreen.. off-screen Harry Potter's world will be etched forever in our life..

P.S If you still haven't started reading Harry Potter, go ahead & do it. Its never too late. Its totally worth the effort, I assure you! :)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Small incidences leave their mark

                                                               PART 1

     We recently shifted to a new residence. After adjusting to a new surrounding, after finding a maid for the housework,a few months later, one fine day our maid came up to my mother and said, "Tai, mi udya pasun 10 divas nahi yenar, hi mulgi kam karel toparyant majhya jagi" (ma'm I won't come for 10 days, till then this girl will work in my place).. the 'girl' was a 12-14 yr old.. Along with her she had brought her 7 yr old sister..

Now, everyday these two young girls would come and do the housework. Whenever I was around I used to watch them, these girls (the 14 yr old barely 6 yrs younger to me) had the determination to succeed in whatever they did. I insisted always that the younger one shouldn't work, she was way too small! Child labour is illegal!

I used to see both of them eyeing me, my clothes, my books, and I used to feel bad. The younger one especially was so sharp at grasping things and was very observant and quick. I could imagine that if she was educated she could reach heights & succeed a lot. She would get all the nice things she wanted.

 I tried telling both the girls that they must educate themselves at the basic level,just so that they could read & write.....I told them they would get better jobs, good money ( & good husbands for that matter! lol) they gave me numerous reasons why they couldn't educate themselves. They said they badly wanted to study but they couldn't afford to. Their siblings would go hungry and food was more important to them than education. Even if they studied in government schools which gave free education, wouldn't their time be wasted studying while they could work????

 I had no answers to their innumerable questions. I just felt a deep sense of compassion and a feeling of helplessness dawned over me. I wished there was something significant I could do for them than just talk to them.

The 10 day period was over and our old maid was back to work. As I bid adieu to the girls, they thanked me for whatever I had said to them. They said sharing their problems with me helped them to feel stress free and unburdened.

I was glad I could help by atleast listening to what they had to say..
I wondered whether I will meet them again, I wondered if they will get all the riches they wanted, I wondered if they will take to thieving if they didn't get the things they wanted..I just wondered...

                                                      PART 2

Its been days since that incident is over. I had almost forgotten about it. Recently when I came across a post, I remembered it again. The same feeling of doing something for the society got to me. I know, as a normal person, my capacity to help people in the society is very limited. I think that every one of us has that 'inner voice' which we generally ignore & that voice tells us to go out & help people, we all get caught up in trivial things, so we don't feel the necessity to think further on issues such as social service. I agree that our lives are filled important to-do lists, but I am sure that each one of us, whoever reads this article & whoever doesn't, has faced situations similar to mine or much  worse, where you have felt the need to go out & help those people in need. 

May be some of you have already done or are doing some social work. I have just written this post to share with you people how I feel when I see someone less fortunate than me.

I am sure you feel the same!! We all have faced such small incidents which somehow leave a mark on us!

I think there is a urgent need to create awareness in our society about hygiene & education. I have just expressed my thoughts randomly. But I would like to say to all of you, that go out & make someone's day, I am sure you'll feel better. Better than the person whom you are helping.. Go ahead friends, the world needs you!!! Even a small effort from you side will make a difference that's what I learnt..

As for the girls, I never met them again till date. I just hope they are doing well wherever they are!
So just go out there- Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You.

Au revoir!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Government vs Ramdeo...

News channels, newspapers hoardings, protests..everything is buzzing with how baba ramdeo protested & how the government reacted.... after the ghastly incident which occured yesterday night, when baba & his followers, who were protesting in a non-violent, peaceful way, were attacked by 5 thousand policemen(or gundas???) ,who lathicharged heartlessly on baba & his followers, not sparing women or children....

Now I have certain questions in my mind...
1. When baba had obtained permission for his protest, then why on earth did the government do what they did?
2. why did they go there in the middle of the night? are they such big cowards?
I guess they knew that if they had manhandled baba & his followers in daylight, they wouldn't have been successful
3. If our government can plan such horrible events properly, if they have the capability to do that,then why on earth cant they  plan more better & fruitful things like the country's delevepment, feeding the poor & preventing farmer suicides?
4. Why couldn't they have told the baba in a peaceful manner if their only motive was to stop the satyagraha?

Many people out there do not like baba ramdeo for various reasons..
I agree that he is not the epitome of perfection...his demands of removal of the 1000 & 500 ruppee note, the black money issue & many other things are not that practical...Wiping out the dirt from our system is not going to be easy..but I think we should all admire his guts..He may be uneducated & from a rural background & his followers may consist of the same, but it is that uneducated village man from hariyana & his followers who are out there bearing the brink of the government... Its so easy for you and me to sit here & discuss what is right & wrong,but so much more difficult to be out there & face it all.....he still hasn't broken his fast..imagine the state of that man's health by now!!

Corruption has ruined & broken our country...the broken pieces should be brought together by us all...
Anna Hazare, Baba ramdeo & many others will continue their efforts..Its upto us to decide where we belong & which side we support...
The politicians have been agitated by baba's plea to bring back the black money, their weakness has been brought out in the open & so they have become agressive.....what the outcome of this all chaos will be, nobody knows, but the fact is that the voice of truth cannot be supressed for long.... Jai Hind!!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A beginning..Jan Lokpal Bill

Its been years....Every one is complaining about how corrupt India is getting day by day... Even internationally, it is known that Indian bureaucracy is bad... Whether is the education department or the transport sector, corruption is rearing its ugly head every where....
At such a time the introduction of the Jan Lokpal Bill is a huge relief....

Over the years, we common people have been discussing, cribbing & crying at our country's plight, there have been films,articles & news on corruption, on how difficult life is for an honest common Indian, but still our thick-skinned politicians have done nothing to improve themselves... 

Due to this, a general feeling of helplessness clouded over the common indians..All of us needed just a push, a reason, a support to come together against corruption in a concrete manner.... I guess the Bill is was the trigger point, it was all India needed to come together to fight against injustice.....

Anna Hazare is today's Gandhi....I know some people out there think that he did all this for publicity,but the fact is he has been a social worker for years & striving hard for India since a long time... Whatever were his reasons for going on a fast, atleast he has had the courage to stand up & challenge the wrong...He has been an inspiration for the nation... We youth are India's future & we all coming out on streets & protesting has shaken the government & make them take notice... time has come, my friends, to stand up for what we believe in, to take maximum advantage of democracy by voting good leaders.....

How effective will the Jan Lokpal Bill be, only time will of now, we cant be sure... But I guess, its proved to be a step taken in the right direction.....There's still a long way to go, but if we all are united, nothing can stop us...jai hind.!!

* * * * Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Guruji, the founder of Art of Living has shown his support for the Anti-corruption friends, do the art of living YES!+ course for youth, you'll get all the energy & wisdom you need, to improve yourself & the nation...go for it...

cricket craze...

                                                      Part 1- the Joy  

Its been days since India won the ICC cricket world cup on 2nd April.. I along with billions of Indians world-wide hooted & jumped with happiness with every run that Gambhir made & every "four" that Dhoni hit..there were messages with Jai hind, an atmosphere of celebration & joy... I too felt as if I personally had won the world cup... the firecrakers, the shouting n screaming, the clapping... all those emotions...!! I enjoyed it all..."dhak dhak go, India go!!"
When Bhajji cried, & Tendulkar was lifted up & carried, the entire nation was crying with joy..after all it was a 28 year long wait.... how could any true Indian not feel happy with the country getting so much international glory?? After all, India is a cricket crazy nation....

                                       Part 2- Introspection

Immediately post the world cup victory, the news that the cup was not the original one, that the match was fixed,etc, etc started doing the rounds... The enthusiasm people had felt, started disappearing, doubt & curiosity taking its place..... I guess, today as I write this article, most of the people have forgotten all about the world cup & are glued to the TV watching the IPL matches.....Anyway, India won the world cup. so what?? I mean, school kids who had their exams, ended up getting distracted ( er...I had my exams as well. you know..LOL) the beggars on the streets continued to beg, while the cricket stars were paid crores of rupees. People spent thousands of rupees for going to watch the match, the money which went to the organisers, yeah, the same cricket crazy people who threw money to watch the match, the same people would never donate even a 100 rupee note for a social cause thinking its a waste..... The burning firecreakers added to the pollution... anyway, if we indians can support cricket so much, then what about Hockey... "HOCKEY IS INDIA'S NATIONAL GAME" I remember writing it over & over in my general knowledge notebook in school... I doubt whether half of our India know tht hockey is our national game...The same ferver with which we support cricket, why can't we support hockey, swimming, cycling, boxing or any other sport?? 

I totally agree that cricket is a game which binds our nation together....I have nothing against the sport... but it pains me when I see the huge amount of money people put into bets on cricket players & matches, all of that can be put into use much more fruitfully for the development of our country.... This country belongs to all of us & if we can come together & celebrate India's victory, surely we can come together & do something to improve its other aspects, right??

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Smile please???

Early morning,
she got up, readied & was on her way,
Oh my,it was a busy day!!
tired,frustrated & hurried,
she rushed through the day oh so worried!
even when all the work was done, 
she still felt something was left totally undone,

Tried so hard but couldn't rembember
what was it that was left to do?
Still figuring out what she had missed,
she walked through the streets,
where evening ended &
the night hissed,

She saw a child playing on one street,
she stopped, he looked so sweet,
the child looked up at her,
expressed an emotion so pure,

he reminded her
and understood she 
that throughout the day,
after walking for many a mile
she had forgotten to SMILE!!!

Ah!! that was the work she had forgotten!
ashamed was she, 
that she had forgotten to smile,
so, gratefully smiled she at the child,
who smiled at her again and again......

friends, let not smile be just another work for you like this person in the poem,let your smile be that of happiness & that of the & make someone's day better..!!