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Harry Potter: a fan's (my) journey through the years

I was 8 years old, when I read my first Harry Potter book. Since then, I haven't ever looked back! At that age, reading Harry Potter was like making a new best friend, a friend, who stuck with me through good & bad times for 12 whole years! Harry has been a friend who made me laugh when I was upset, took me to another world, when things were not so good around me, in my world. I still remember how excited I & my friends used to be whenever the next book of Harry Potter used to be released worldwide, travel all the way & come to a bookstore near me.
Then along came the movies.. seeing the then tiny (now so very hot!) Daniel Radcliffe play Harry, was so perfect, he was just like I had imagined Harry to be; same goes with Rupert Grint & Emma Watson, for playing Ron & Hermione.

I was fascinated, gripped by & immersed into Harry's world.. I had even practised writing on a paper with a 'quill'!! (apparently a pigeon feather, in my case!!) Through the year…