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Anna Hazare. Uprising 2011!

After years of slavery against the 'firangis' our country came together & fought for freedom & obtained it in 1947... But soon, we became slaves to corruption, & finally,after years of suffering, we are fighting to free ourselves from this monster in 2011... yes, this struggle isn't going to be easy....the time for the right to triumph over the wrong has come...the government's flimsy excuses for arresting anna aren't fooling anyone & its time that these inhuman people realise that no amount of arresting, beating or talking is going to scare us or change our opinion about them... we've all had enough...Anna Hazare isn't merely a person. He's the face of India... even if they manage to subdue him, more 'Annas' will stand up against them.. Its not just a fight against corruption, its a fight against injustice.. The frustration & anger at the government had already started reaching its peak, Anna has just added fuel to the fire …