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Words… They convey

They may hurt you
They may anger you
They may sadden you
They may make you go zany

But those same words
They  can make you feel spirited
They express
They make you exultant

They make you want to twirl
They make you sing because they make up a song
Words give you the power to shriek or whisper

They give a direction to your emotions They are windows to the inner you
Their power is enigmatic yet guileless

Their importance is understated yet significant

They are subtle in expressing the inside of you

When words are put in the right direction

and are combined by imagination

You can appear as magnetic as a magician

But hey
Remember, never cluster too many words at an instant
don't fall into the trap of verbal diarrhea

Because words; well they are best fathomed
 there is an interim of SILENCE between them…


Petrol Crisis!

It was Monday. I hope you get it when I say I hate Mondays. I’ve always been this person who hates the start of a week. Grudgingly I got up & decided to get ready. I looked at the watch & rolled my eyes. I was late. Again!!
I hurriedly got ready, combed my rather stubborn (read curly) hair carelessly & started my Scooty all set to go. As I rode on, I realised that the fuel tank was indicating that it was near empty. Blow!  I realised that I had to stop by the nearest Petrol Pump or my Scooty won’t co- operate with me. Considering that I had to reach a place which is at a 14 km distance from my home, gave me reasons to frown. The more the delay, more late I would be & the more ticking off I would get from the people I was supposed to meet.  That wasn’t the problem though. I am kind of used to being in trouble anyway. As Harry (Potter) says in one of his books, “I don’t go finding for trouble. Trouble usually finds me” That, my friends is exactly the quote I would like to …


“Manasi” called my grandfather who turned 82 this June. “What grandpa?” I asked him. “Get me some water” he said. As I gave him his glass of water, he shabbily grabbed it and started gulping it down. I watched him..I observed the increase in the wrinkles on his face, the wasting of muscle mass and fat, his bones sticking out. Well he’s my maternal grandpa. My father’s parents left us long back & so did my mother’s mother. He is the only grandparent with us now. My grandfather was always a fighter. A self-made man in true sense. He fought for India's Independence since he was born in the Pre-Indian Independence era. After having spent time in jail for protesting against the British in 1947, at age 16 he left his village for better prospects. Unfortunately he couldn’t complete his education in the field of medicine or in arts and finally became a stenographer. I won’t go into much details.

Trouble hit him literally, when he was crossing a road in Mumbai. A car knocked him carelessl…


Hello all you wonderful people! How many times do we actually do what we want?? how many times do we actually know what we want in life??
 Talking of writing, it was all I wanted to do a few years back!! okay, to some people my writing may be mediocre or below that, but still, I had that innate desire to roam around with a pen & paper & write my thoughts....but I am a physiotherapist today, in the medical field, which although I accept, is very interesting & I like it but is nevertheless far from what I wanted to do intially.... A series of questions baffle me..after you read them I'm sure you too will be baffled after reading them......
Do we actually do what we want to do, or do we do that which we think we want?? what defines, who defines & how does one define what we actually want in life?? how many times do we act on our instincts & how many times do we don't?? How many times are we influenced by what others feel is right for us & how many times do w…