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Hello all you wonderful people! How many times do we actually do what we want?? how many times do we actually know what we want in life??
 Talking of writing, it was all I wanted to do a few years back!! okay, to some people my writing may be mediocre or below that, but still, I had that innate desire to roam around with a pen & paper & write my thoughts....but I am a physiotherapist today, in the medical field, which although I accept, is very interesting & I like it but is nevertheless far from what I wanted to do intially.... A series of questions baffle me..after you read them I'm sure you too will be baffled after reading them......
Do we actually do what we want to do, or do we do that which we think we want?? what defines, who defines & how does one define what we actually want in life?? how many times do we act on our instincts & how many times do we don't?? How many times are we influenced by what others feel is right for us & how many times do w…