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Fresh beginnings

"What's your New Year Resolution?" Everyone keeps asking this to everyone, at the end of each year, & hardly does anyone follow through with their resolutions.

Agreed, that the end of one year and the beginning of a new one symbolizes new beginnings and new hope and makes a person feel positive.

But does anyone notice that the resolutions each one of us makes or attempts to make are the same, like earning more money, buying fancy clothes, buying a car, house or losing or gaining weight or something on the similar lines. I mean all this is fine even great in fact, but 'yawn!' aren't you bored of it? Bored of making the same resolutions again and again, even when the years keep changing?

I personally am a lazy person, so usually, I don't make any resolutions at all!!! Planning anything isn't really my cup of tea & will never be, because I love to take life as it comes. But this year, I was irked by listening to the same old New Year list from peo…