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Finding our way.

When I decided to pursue physiotherapy as a profession, I had absolutely no idea of what lay ahead of me.
In the first year, I joined Vishwakarma Institute of Health Sciences and Research (VIHSR) which was a newly opened college branch by the well known VIT group of people.
Meeting new people, new teachers was a great feeling. We all soon got acquainted with each other.
The memorable time there was the anatomy laboratory dissections, where we saw and dissected the dead bodies and their parts with hesitancy at first and later with ease and fun. I still remember our lectures and practical sessions over there and were introduced to the medical field and just began to understand what 'physiotherapy' really was and saw a glimpse of the hospitals. It was just a beginning to a four and half year journey.
Then bad luck struck us. Our college decided to shut down, ( Reasons are too many to type here) We and our parents too, panicked! What to do, how to pursue further years in physiot…