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'Independent' India !!?!!

It's 15th august again!
The national anthem is sung by the whole nation, patriotic songs are playing all over, The National flag has been hoisted at places and children are seen waving the Indian Flag at each other.
India is in it's 67th year of Independence..
But is this really Independence?
Are we free and independent from corruption? From poverty? From the rising inflation? other countries have set up their industries in our country, from toothpastes to automobiles, everywhere, Indians are paying other nations and boosting their economy.. is that freedom? Aren't we still slaves to all of the above? Of course you all know the answer to this don't you? Nothing new huh??

So?? Should we still celebrate independence?
Yes may be we should.. After all our forefathers' sacrifice would go waste, wouldn't it?
The blood they shed, the agony they went through was because they wanted our country to be 'Independent' they wanted the people in our nation to live in…