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Five books to read before you die.

Reading is an art for some, a hobby for some, a waste of time for few and a way to learn for some. Reading means differently to different people. Everyone has different tastes. In this post, I'll tell you which 5 books according to me, one must read before they die. And hey, these are not the typical "Inspirational" and "motivational" books. They are books which make you go through a variety of emotions and churn, burn and turn you! If you read them all, I am sure they will change something, somewhere inside you.. each of them will give you a unique experience and enjoyment.

1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Yes! Many will say that they have watched the movies made on this one. But you must read the book. The delightful intricacy with which the characters have been described makes it worth reading. One of the oldest books written in 1813, it still adds value to our lives.*

 Lines from the book- “There are few people whom I really love, and still fewer of whom I…

Happiness is....???????????

where art thou found?

The most difficult thing to define is 'happiness'

All our lives we want only one thing. To be happy.
Kids, adults, old people, good and bad people, sane and insane people, all everyone wants, is to be happy, isn't it?
We have been told that "If you do this" you will be happy. If you "Get that" you will be happy.
We have some fixed concepts in our minds about what happiness really is.
We study, we struggle, we work and do so many things, all in the pursuit of happiness.
We spend our entire lives chasing the ever-elusive happiness.
Even at times when we are happy, does it really last? Just a small word from someone or just a small thing going wrong somewhere is enough to fade our happiness.

These days on  the social networking site - Facebook, you'll find 'The Happy Page' one of the most sought after and popular pages. Reason?? I don't need to tell you do I?

Well if you ask me, happiness is just a state of…