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What is fashion? - The guys speak!

Hello everybody!
When it comes to fashion, we generally think of women don't we??

Well what about the guys then? Shouldn't we consider them too??

I asked a few cool guys - "according to you what is fashion?"

Let us take a glimpse at these five guys and read their interesting answers!

Ameya studies Cinematography in Annapurna International school of Film and Media and also holds a diploma in direction and acting.
He has worked with Hollywood stars like Senthil Ramamurthy of the Shor in the City, CSI series fame and Kunal Nayyar aka Rajesh Kothrapalli of the Big Bang Theory fame

Here is his answer to my question-
" According to me fashion is the art of creatively covering the body :) "

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Vaibhav is a Software Engineer and a believer in fashion sense

Here is his answer to my question-
" Fashion is comfort coupled with trend "

Catch him on facebook- https:/…

What is fashion? - The gals speak!

Hello all!
 So let's start with the fashion week of the blog fest from today!

Today, I have for you four amazing ladies who will speak what fashion means to them!
Also at the end of the post, I have for you two amazing quotes on fashion.

Let's get started, shall we???

I asked all of them the question - "According to you, what is fashion?"
Let us take a glimpse at them and see what they have to say!!


Ketaki has done Bsc Computer Science and works in Cognizant in project management & is pursuing distance MBA too. Along with this she works as a professional  model and theatre artist. She has also worked as the lead in many FTII (film and television institute of India) projects.

Here is her answer to my question-

" Fashion represents different seasons like confident summer, romantic monsoon or refreshing spring. It is a replica of black, white and gray thoughts and moods in our day to day life.

Fashion is like living a moment fully by giving it jus…

Oh yeah! Soya!

Hey everybody!
We have come towards the end of the food week!
As a signing off post for this week

I have for you a very delicious, healthy, easy to prepare soybean chunk recipe straight from my kitchen!
Learn to make it in a jiffy and also learn what are the benefits of soybean!

Peppered Soya with Coconut & Fenugreek
Ingredients: 1. Nutrela Soya chunks
2. Onion (chopped)
3. Tomato (chopped)
4. Mustard seeds
5. Fenugreek (Methi) leaves (do not chop)
6. Freshly grated coconut
7. Freshly ground black pepper
8. Garlic (chopped)
9. Any spice (masala) I have used paneer tikka masala
10. Green chillies (2-3)
11. Red chilly powder (1 tablespoon
12. Turmeric powder
13. Salt
14. Water
15. Oil

Take the soya chunks, boil them in water with a pinch of salt.Once the water starts getting frothy you will come to know that the water has seeped into them.

Drain the water from the chunks. Pour a glass of normal water over the chunks and drain it. You will now see that the chunks have increas…

Charismatic Corn!

Hello! Another post in this food week of my blog fest for you!

Well, we cannot imagine Monsoon without the good old "Bhutta" (Corn) can we??

From feeling awesome to hold and eat a 'bhutta' as a kid, to it being used to prepare various meals like curry and soups, corn has been a part of our lives in the monsoon!

Remember Mahabaleshwar? Remember the famous corn patties you love to eat there in the monsoon??

Today I will show you how to make the much loved and sought after Corn Patties.

My recipe is very easy and to prepare.

Ingredients: 1. Sweet Corn- (250 grams)
2. Potatoes- (250 grams/about two small potatoes - or one medium sized potato)
3. Rice flour ( 100 grams)
4. Salt
5. Water
6. Green Chillies (2-3)
7. Red chilly powder ( 1 tablespoon)
8. Coriander
9. Garlic

Procedure: In a pressure cooker, cook the sweet corn and potatoes for 10 to 15 minutes.

In a bowl, mix the sweet corn, potatoes (smash them) and all the ingredients mentioned above.

Salt, corriander and Garl…

What's your cuppa' ?? the beauty of brewed beverages

Hello everyone!! Like I told you yesterday, the monsoon fest on my blog starts from today. Food, Fashion and Feel is the theme.

I am sure that just like while I write this, while you read this too, the atmosphere around you must be cold and the rain must be hitting hard on your window sill.
I think most of you will agree that there is nothing as good as a hot cup of tea or coffee in the monsoon weather be it for beating that work stress or just relaxing at your home or at a restaurant.

So my today's post is going to be all about these beverages.
I will show you how to add a dash of different flavour and a twist to the usual beverage in your cup and that too very easily and without much effort. You will also learn how each of these recipes by me are beneficial to your health!

*Disclaimer: The below mentioned recipes are entirely mine and all the photos and the content you see in them are original and belong entirely to me and are not copied from the internet and I am willingly shar…

The Monsoon Fest

Hey there everyone!! When we think of a festival very rarely do we think or co-relate it with monsoon!

So I am coming up with something new and different!
I am starting a three week monsoon fest on my blog.

The first week will feature Food! why?? Simply because any festival or celebration is incomplete without it!!

The second week will be about Fashion! why?? because fashion is an essential part of our lives!!

The third week will be all about 'Feel'! now what is this?? this will feature some real life incidents and stories which will actually move you or make you 'feel'

The Fashion and Feel segments apart from my articles, will also include opinions, photos and life stories of some pretty cool people around!

So let's get the fest started!! Let the celebration begin!!

Gear up people!! The fest begins from tomorrow!!! 

Hope you all have lots of fun going through the stuff!!!