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Is one day enough for India???

Today, there will be festivities all around. It is the 68th Indian Independence Day. I started the morning listening to the wonderful speech by the Prime Minister of India Mr.Narendra Modi. It was a good start to the day I guess.

In today's times there is this so called 'fad' of days. Valentines Day, Mother's day, Fathers Day, Friendship's Day and so on.
In such times.. Has Independence Day just become one of them???? I hope not. The whole year there are some people who are least interested in what is going on in the nation. This one day they come up with pictures and slogans for India. Isn't this hypocrisy?
I have always been a hardcore patriot and if you observe many of the posts on my blog are about India. and no I haven't posted them 'only' on Independence Day. I am not demeaning anyone out there. I just feel that one day is not enough to show our patriotism. Don't you feel the same??

I know each one of you my readers, loves India otherwise …

Water fear!!

"Swim you naughty girl!!" yelled the coach. I made a face at him. He again yelled the same thing. I made another face. "I will come there and pull your ears!" he said. I made a face again, but this time I made feeble attempts to swim.
I was a kid.. maybe 10 or 11 years old. Somehow there are some incidents in your childhood which teach you something and you never forget them. This is one of them.
When I was in school, my parents used to take me to swimming classes. Forcibly. I never understood why they made me go where I didn't want to.

I used to dislike swimming.
Moreover, the swimming coach under whom I learnt, was someone whom I thought of as Mogambo. Loud voice and villainish look. I really used to often think he looked like Amrish Puri. (An actor who played a villain in several Bollywood films)

Naturally my dislike to learn swimming increased when he was around.
He was a tough task master. He gave me punishments when I couldn't do what he expected fro…

Prema's Journey...

Hey everybody! Today we have a very special person with us.

Meet Prema Malhotra.  Prema lives in the United States of America along with her family. She has two brothers.
She is just like everyone of us. A slight difference is- Prema was adopted when she was a child.
Prema has willingly agreed to open up to us & share bits of her life.
Let me tell you, after Prema came to know that she was adopted, her thirst to search for her original parents started. She travelled from USA to India, in search of her roots. She came to know that she was relinquished by her birth mother two days after her birth.
The reason was that her natural mother was abandoned and left alone by her natural father. Later on she was adopted by her current father & mother.  Prema then started to feel that she really should meet her birth mother.
The struggle Prema went through to search for her birth mother is something one cannot explain. Did she then, meet her natural mother??? She has done extensive resea…

Smita shares..

Hello people! As the 'feel' week of my blog fest continues, I have for you today a unique personality.
She is tall, smart & intelligent. Meet Smita Poojary.
Let us see what this lanky lass has to say to us!

She answered all of my questions questions deftly and with spontaneity!

Me: Tell us something about yourself. What do you do?
Smita:I did my post graduation in Physics from Mumbai University. I live in Mumbai. I love music, watching movies, playing sports like volleyball, badminton & table tennis.

Me: Tell me one incident from your life from which you have learnt something.
Smita: Actually the incident is quite memorable. I thought of it as something serious but now when I think of it, I laugh. I was in school (5th standard). After the unit test exam, I was handed over the marks of one subject. I was really shocked on taking a look at the marks & my paper. My scores were fine but not upto the mark. Being an intelligent student I always scored excellent & at tha…

A Chat with Chirag!

Hello everybody! Today we have a very interesting person with us. His name is Chirag Aggarwal. He is a professional dancer, dance teacher, choreographer, singer and performer. A true artist in all ways. He has performed in innumerable shows, and led many Flash Mobs all over the country. He followed his dream of dancing by moving from his hometown in Amritsar to Mumbai, where he struggled quite a bit and is now a successful professional. In his own way, he is an inspiration to many, especially to those who wish to follow their dreams but are afraid to do so.

He was kind enough to answer a few of my questions. Me: How long have you been dancing? Chirag: I have been dancing professionally for 6 years.
Me: What has dance taught you? Chirag:Dance has brought out my teaching abilities. Dance has made me more confident, my body language & overall fitness have improved. Since I am an artist, I have grown to appreciate other forms of art. I have learnt to respect all forms of art even more. I ha…

Sayali says...

Hello everyone! The  "Feel" week of my Monsoon Blog Fest begins. I will have a new person each day, to share their wonderful views with us.
So as an opening post, we have with us today Sayali Dharmadhikari.
Sayali was willing enough to share a little bit of her thoughts with all of us.
Let us see what she has got to say!

Me: Tell us something about yourself. What do you do?
Sayali: What do I do? I read, I write, I appreciate art, I am connoisseur of music. Professionally, I am done with Bachelors of Pharmacy from Mumbai University and I am heading to Wright State University in the city of Dayton, Ohio, USA to pursue Master’s in Pharmacology and many would not believe, but I do plan to come back..! ;)

Me: Tell me any one incident in your life from which you have learnt something.
Sayali: Well, this is not some past incident. It’s happening to me right now even at this moment when I am thinking about this question, I am getting calls and whatsapp messages from friends asking for …

Fashion Frenzy!

Hello people!! This is the signing off post of the fashion week of my blog fest-

Well quite a few people asked me what was my take on fashion, so umm here is what I have to say-

"When we think fashion, we imagine parties or weddings or film-stars or models. We hardly ever think beyond that.
The purpose of this fashion week was to make people think a bit more. Like you saw in the previous posts many people shared their take on fashion & all of them had such beautiful answers and viewpoints. According to me, fashion is not just about clothing or accessories. It is much more than that. I think it is all about the attitude with which we perceive ourselves.
We can wear the most beautiful and costly clothes and still look awful & we can wear the most simplest of the clothes and still look good.  "It is simple. If we feel good, we look good." I realised that this is somehow very true.
Of course feeling good about ourselves doesn't mean being over-confident & ign…