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Nothing is impossible!

Hello everyone!! So after my last post I am back again!! I would like to share with you all a very special event...

It was the last week of September when I was invited by the multi-talented artist Chirag Aggarwal to his event "Danse Visionnaire" means dancing with a vision; which was going to take place on 12th of October..

It was a dance workshop conducted for some really special people.. The differently abled. The special people who live their life on the wheelchairs. They were going to learn dance from Chirag.

Now let me tell you, Chirag is a totally fabulous dance trainer who has taught dance to over 11,000 people all over the country.

So when he first told me about an event like this happening, I was curious. I hadn't ever heard of a dance workshop for the differently abled. It seemed like very innovative and good initiative to me.

I  am a physiotherapist, so, I  have seen (and treated of course) innumerable specially-abled people across many hospitals.

But to see…