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Australian Diaries.. Part 2

So the week continued to drag on.. there was a day when we had been attending lectures for 10 whole hours!! By the way in case I haven't mentioned I am studying at Curtin University.

As soon as Friday arrived, the atmosphere here changed. Everyone around was much more relaxed and jovial. The shops shut even earlier than usual! 

There is a sort of custom here where everyone parties and chills out on every weekend with drinks and other stuff.

I don't drink and I am a vegetarian. So when my classmates invited me to a pub in the university campus I just went along with them out of curiosity. I wanted to see how things work here in Australia. I took a good look around the pub called Tavern which is located inside the university.

 It's really a good thing to see people so relaxed and happy on the weekends even though I am against drinking of any sort.

I left early from the pub and had a nice walk in the rain on the way back home,

So on saturday, me and my colleagues, all of us d…

Australian Diaries.. Part 1.

It was the month of September when my VISA for Australia was finalized.. I was finally getting a chance to visit and study for a month in another country..  couldn't believe it then and still can't believe even though I am already here.

It goes like this,  after graduating this year as a physiotherapist, after spending days and nights on introspecting whether I should do a masters or not, whether I should do it in India or not, should I start working immediately or not I finally decided upon something.

I decided I didn't want to do a masters.. But I definitely wanted to hone up my skills and add something more to my bachelor'r degree. So I started looking for courses which could help me do that.

I stumbled upon a course in Orthopedic Manual Therapy which was going to be conducted in Perth, Australia. After procrastinating a bit I decided to go for it.

I left for Australia on the 22nd of November.. and here I am!

It's just been 5 days and I've  already had many…