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Australian Diaries.. Part 6

So my Australian Diaries series comes to an end... I am back to India.... I am bittersweet about returning back..

In those 32 days my perspective towards life changed a lot.. Meeting people from all over the world, learning new things at the course and all around me had sort of made me into a new person...

Yes it feels good to be back in my own country.. But what I learnt in those 32 days is in explainable, different and something much much beyond words..

Traveling alone to a different country and living there independently has taught me things I wouldn't have learnt staying back here.

I have more challenges ahead of me and I am glad I took the risk of going to Australia.

In the last few days of my visit over there.. all my colleagues had gone back home and I took a tour alone around the Perth city of Australia..
I visited canning river and swan river.. Being with no one except myself gave me a chance to rearrange my thoughts..
Also I got a wonderful opportunity to see the decora…

Australian Diaries.. Part 5

Hey everyone!
So continuing back from where we left.. After the Indian Party, we had few days left before the exam which was to be held on the last day of the course.

We all were totally engrossed in studies. My brain seemed to go crazy and was buzzing continuously as I read page after page and discussed technique after technique with my colleagues.

On the day of the exam everyone was nervous.. My brain anyway was overloaded till it stopped working I guess! :p

Everyone was hushed up till their turn came. We were called inside one by one to demonstrate the techniques we had learnt and to answer the theory questions asked by the professors.

Trust my luck, I was the last one to be called so till then I was a bunch of nerves even though everyone else who were done with the exam assured me that it would be fine.

Well my batch mates were right, my exam went just fine. Yes, I was asked quite a lot of questions but I answered them to the best of my ability and in the end they said I had done…

Australian Diaries.. Part 4

Hi folks.. My apologies for the delay in continuing the series...

So I and my colleagues visited the Hillary's Harbour last saturday. The Harbor is a beautiful place and going there was a delight for me.

I saw various boats and ships anchored to the Harbor. I had never seen so many boats and ships all at once in my life! (Except the movies I guess) 

Near the Harbor is a wonderful aquarium. We visited there and took a tour around.. 
I saw sharks, sting rays,  kite fish, small and huge jellyfish, sea dragons and also peculiar varieties of fish like the stone fish and some snakes too!

There was a pond which was accessible and inside were some variety of fish we could touch. I mustered some courage and touched some fish by dipping my hand inside the pond. I even touched some starfish! It was a unique experience!

By this time it was evening and I was eagerly waiting to watch the sunset at the harbor. 
As I watched the sun rest a sense of unique calmness came over me.. It was a beautif…

Australian Diaries.. Part 3

Hii everyone... I'm back again! Let me take you through my journey up till today!

Last Friday, after a tiring week I went to a place called Victoria Park Hotel. It is an amazing place with live music, singing and playing. I danced a bit to it!

On Saturday I visited Penguin Island. In India you don't really get to see penguins.. So I was really curious to go and see those cute little creatures!

As soon as I reached the shore.. I thought we would take a ferry to go to the island. But then we came to know that we could actually walk to the island through the water since in the morning the tide was not too high and it was shallower.

So thanks to my super- enthusiastic friends I walked along the pacific ocean with the water upto my thighs and waded my way through to the penguin island. It took me almost 45 minutes to walk from the shore to the island!

Initially I was a bit scared as I saw the vast ocean around me and the slippery sand beneath my feet but later on I really started …