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Mumbai Diaries Part 4

Hey everyone! This is a continuation of my Mumbai Diaries.. Sorry for the long break. Been busy with tonnes of work and other things.

So yes, coming back to Aarti, We managed to locate her address in Jabalpur. We informed the police about it, Richa's friends in Jabalpur spied and confirmed that Aarti is residing there.

All said and done, no, I did not get my laptop back guys. It's gone. Why? The police reluctantly filed an FIR, but refused to act on it.

Any guesses why? Of course because for them, it was just a small case, a robbery that's all. Plus, I refused to bribe. I did not hint even once of paying them extra. If they expected something they were disappointed. I am of the belief that giving bribe is encouraging corruption and I chose to lose my laptop over losing my ethics.

That's where it ends folks. Sorry to disappoint you, but I never got it back.

We left Aunty's home and shifted to a new place in Mumbai.

The year has passed by. It's December and as I…

"Intolerant" India?????

Hello everyone!
I am back to blogging after a long time!
A lot has changed over the last month or so.. Not really, but yes, to some extent it has.

India has supposedly become "Intolerant" I keep hearing news of Indian 'Intolerance'- A new concept started by so called 'Adarsh Liberals' and 'Leftists' One isolated incident in Dadri and it has created such a hullabaloo. I agree what happened was very unfortunate, but this generalization of India being Intolerant is too much.

India- A land celebrating Unity in Diversity, a land of different languages, religions and cultures since eons together, suddenly accused of "Intolerance" by subtle anti-Indian forces, creating animosity in our country, differences between each other.

Amid this still on going chaos, came the news of the recent Paris Attack by the ISIS.

The world went into depression, rage and angst at this news.

The city of love and romance- Paris has been attacked by hate. The religious f…

Mumbai Diaries Part 3


I went to the Vile Parle East Police Station in Mumbai.I entered the police station cautiously.
There were policemen all around, some vans and of course criminals.

I got stares from many people. I guess they were wondering what a girl like me was doing at the police station. After all, I didn't look like a criminal, did I? Lol. I chuckled inwardly. Yes I was nervous and my insides were squirming, but I put on a blank face anyway.

Ignoring stares, I asked a policeman where I could file a complaint about my laptop being stolen.

I was shown the way to the desk where I could file a complaint. For initial 10 mins while I waited, no one paid attention to me. Policemen were scuttling all around, busy with their work.

I cleared my throat, trying to draw their attention.

Finally one of the policemen, a constable,  looked at me "Yes Madam? How can I help you?" he asked

I told him in brief about how my laptop was stolen.

He asked me to wait. He called his superior to sp…

Rice pakora

Hey folks!
After a long time I am posting a quick recipe today.

Rice is something which is prepared in kitchens frequently. Sometimes, it so happens that rice gets leftover or we end up preparing it in a quantity more than necessary and we don't really want to waste it but don't feel like eating it either. We usually think of rice as a main course for either lunch or dinner.

What if rice can be used as a snack too? Onion and potato pakoras are common. I tell you, you can make rice pakora and they taste pretty good. After some I saw some leftover rice in the fridge today, I decided to try my hand at it.

Here's the recipe to get those taste buds working.

1. Rice
2. Besan (Gram Flour)
3. Salt.
4. 2-3 Chillies (per taste)
5. Onion (according to taste)
6. Dhania (Coriander)
7. Garam Masala (Spice powder)
8.Water (1 cup)
9. Oil (To fry)

1. Mix Rice, besan, salt, chillies, onion, dhania and water so that it forms a thick mixture.
2. Make tiny round portio…

Mumbai Diaries Part 2


It was February. I was just settling and adjusting to my new routine and life and work in Mumbai.
It was then that something rather shocking took place in my life.

It was a Saturday and I had gone out with a friend. When I came back to my PG, my roommate Richa Singh and I found a girl called Aarti Yadav in our PG.

The first sight of her was err.. not so pleasant for me. She didn't seem to be the normal village belle. She wore crazy clothes and told us she had come to Mumbai to make a career in Acting and Bollywood and said she needed to stay with us for a week or so. She said she hailed from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh.

She claimed to be a friend of my roomie's and that's how she had supposedly gotten the address of our PG. Now Remember our "Crazy old Aunty" the owner of our PG who acted in films? She agreed to keep Miss Aarti for a week in a jiffy.

Me and Richa disapproved because we thought she wasn't a pleasant girl to stay with, but we didn't sa…

Of Angels and Demons.

Jannat (Heaven) and Jahannum (Hell) Achchai (Good) and Burai (Evil) These are common phrases we utter everyday.
Infact, we often categorize people mentally as "good" or "bad" based upon what we think, feel, act or react.

The latest news going on, about Indrani Mukerjea who killed her own daughter, or about Jasleen Kaur from Delhi, who framed an innocent man wrongly and accused him of eve-teasing her and about Hardik Patel who is fighting for the so-called rights of the Patidars and is demanding reservation and has created a ruckus in the state of Gujarat leading to riots at places. All these current happenings ponder me to think on this ever controversial topic.

What prompted these people to do the horrendous things they did?

In today's media world, negative sells. News channels and newspapers are filled with updates on cases like these and we all seem to lap it up. Aren't we all intrigued to know more about the cases I just mentioned above? Why? Isn't…

Tips for glowing skin - Beauty Basics.

Whether you are a guy or a gal, working, studying or snoozing, one thing is common, We all want to look good. Looking good doesn't mean you need to imitate someone or be a supermodel. Looking good just means being the best version of yourself.
When we feel good about ourselves, the confidence shows in whatever we do.

The basic of looking good, is having good skin. Good skin does NOT mean being fair. It means having a good skin irrespective of your original skin colour. No amount of make up is going to be a substitute for good skin.  You don't need to spend money and time on visiting beauty salons every week if you try few simple things. :)

Here are a few tips which I've tried for a good skin.

1. Steam.
Steaming your face once in a week at least, will help open up the pores and cleanse it from within.
If you have a steam machine, good, if you don't worry not!
Just take a vessel, boil some water after it is heated, shut the gas, allow the steam to reach your face, cover …

Mumbai Diaries Part 1


It was January 2015, I was back from my month long course in Australia and  was hunting for a job and landed in Mumbai. In fact, I had decided to come to Mumbai  two years back when I was studying. Somehow, I felt I should try and see if working in Mumbai works for me.

It so happened that I landed up in Vile Parle in the Western side of Mumbai, in a PG (sharing paying guest) a system where you share your room with other girls

I shifted my base from Pune to Mumbai and with my luggage, kissing my Mom a bye, landed up in the PG.

I have lived in Mumbai as a child, for 5 years, completed my schooling there,  so Mumbai isn't something totally new to me. But living in a city, away from the comfort of home, was something I wasn't used to at all. I wasn't used to living with just a bed, some clothes, without Television or a washing machine to wash clothes or a maid to wash vessels.  Doing everything on my own! Oh God! that was my first challenge! Doing cooking, cleani…

India, Where do we stand?

15 August- Independence Day, Azadi Ka Din, Swatantrata Diwas these words mean a lot to us Indians.
In today's times, where we Indians are still fighting for our rights, for things like net neutrality, freedom from corruption and religious fanaticism and what not, I still don't know whether we should celebrate "Independence".
Agreed we are an Independent nation today. Despite being looted and ruled by the Britishers for 150 years, we have risen at a good height. We have set an example to the world in terms of Yoga, spirituality and our Mars Project by ISRO among many others. We are an icon of peace and tolerance and hospitality. There is not an iota of doubt about all of these things.
Even then, I feel we have a long way to go. We are battling within our nation. We are a nation of contrasts. We have the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor from our nation. The world is abuzz about Sundar Pichai being Google's CEO and then when I see beggars around, I wo…

International Yoga Day- Yoga is the New "Cool"

Today marks the first International Yoga Day, as declared by the United Nations this year.
More than 170 countries will celebrate today as Yoga Day. Although Yoga has it's roots in Hinduism and India, it does NOT belong to any particular religion and it's benefits can be reaped by the entire world. 
The ancient concept of Yoga is "Vasudaiva Kutumbakam" which means One World Family. The entire world can be united through Yoga to bring peace and harmony, Fanaticism on the basis of religion is a huge issue which the entire world faces today. Yoga is the only way in which the world can stand as one. It is the greatest gift to humanity. 
Yoga is a 5000 year old knowledge from India. Throughout the ages, people have been doing Yoga for a better life.
What is Yoga?

Many people have the misconception that Yoga is just a form of exercise. No, it's not. Yes, the Yoga postures definitely form an important part of it, but that is not all. 
Yoga is a way of life. It is a lif…

A moment is all we need!

Life is running at a fast pace
The clock is ticking
amid all the chaos
amid all the hustle-bustle
we see a child smile at us
and we smile back
a moment of  joy
is all we need

It just takes
one tiny moment
to reach out to someone
to share and to care
to feel and to help
a moment of love 
is all we need

When we are shivering with cold,
when the clouds create gloom
a ray of sunshine for a moment
is of great comfort and warmth
a moment of hope 
is all we need

A room may be dark since eons
the flicker of candle
lights a room in seconds
a moment of light 
is all we need

When we are bound by attachments
When we are suffocated by expectations
When we are surrounded by injustice
The morning chirping of the birds
The smell of earth when it first rains
calms us down and brings the much needed solace
Through the tough times
A Moment Of Freedom
is all we need!

Life is a fickle friend
But what makes life worth
are these small but precious moments
Don't forget to cherish them!

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. B…

Life - By Aditi Jog

Life is like a game
Of snakes and ladders
Sometimes sad
Sometimes happy

Sometimes up
Sometimes down
Sometimes happening
Sometimes risky

Life can be a gift
as well as a curse
only the perspective matters
only the use matters

Life is an experience
and experiment for all of us
Life is also a teacher

Life is to see
to learn
to understand
to grow

Life is
all around
for us
to experience it

Each life has a meaning
Each life has a purpose
Each life is an irrevocable gift
which once gone
cannot be returned

So cherish each moment
Cherish each day
Cherish each second
and make life a memorable gift

To give
and to receive
and to enjoy
an expensive gift
called "Life"

Written and submitted by Aditi Jog (Reiki Healer and teacher, law student, Pune)

I hope you all loved this superb poem by Aditi. One of my personal favourites!

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You!

Au Revoir!

Bea(YOU)tiful- By Nikita Prabhu

She was standing there quietly watching the sea,
As the mischievous wind played with her hair,
It seemed as if she's thinking of a key
For something as beautiful as,
with her life, her affair

She was beautiful for the way her mind
was engulfed in the waves
Her looks though were run of the mill
Lost in her own thoughts as deep as a cave
Something paramount she was trying to instill

She was beautiful for the way she spoke about her passion
Even for others it may have been out if fashion
But the shimmer in her eyes was inescapable
And in all senses she was truly invincible

She was beautiful because her mind gleamed
And life became a cakewalk even though difficult it seemed
All the backbreaking turned out to be fruitful
and she, in the real sense of the word,
became Bea(YOU)tiful!!

Written and Submitted by Dr. Nikita Prabhu (Physiotherapist)

I hope you all enjoyed this poem shared by her on my blog!

Last two days for summer sizzle to end!

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You.

Au Revoir!

Dance With Chirag!

Last year, we all had a chat with this wonderfully talented and unique personality called Chirag
Aggarwal who is a dancer, a dance trainer, choreographer, a zumba instructor, a singer and a pianist!
Phew! So many talents in one person! 
This year, I give you all another chance to get to know a bit more about him.
So I asked this semi-finalist of the Dance Premier League (Sony TV) a few questions and he shot back all the answers in a jiffy. Here they go!
Me: As an artist, did you face any struggle? Chirag: Not really. I guess things worked out pretty well for me since the beginning.
Me: What/Who is your motivation when it comes to dancing? Chirag:Anything motivates me because I love dancing!
Me: So you always wanted to pursue a career in dance? Chirag. Surprisingly, no. It's since the last 8 years that I am into dancing. It was my mother who felt I could dance so she enrolled me in a dance class. They recognized my talent there and then within a week I was promoted to an advance class,…

Watermelon Kiwi Banana Smoothie - Anish Nair

Too much heat to handle?! Beat the heat the healthy way!

Check out this awesome easy to prepare Watermelon Kiwi Banana smoothie blast!

1/4th watermelon cut into pieces
1 kiwi. Dice it.
1 frozen banana
2-3 ice cubes.

Blend in a blender for 30-40 seconds.

Pour in a glass and you are ready!

Note:If you like your driink to be sweet,  instead of adding sugar, if you add some apple juice it will increase the sweetness and be a healthy drink!

Happy Summer!

Submitted by Anish Nair. (Mechanical Engineer at MGL)

Hope you all enjoyed this recipe submitted by Anish!

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You

Au revoir!

Pratibha Kochar speaks!!

Hello everybody! Today we have with us a homemaker, a mother and a Masterchef India contestant (Food show latest- season 4)!! Please welcome Pratibha Kochar on my blog who will share quite a few things with us!

Let's see what conversation I had with her-

Me: Pratibhaji, how did you think of taking part in Masterchef?
Pratibha: My children pushed me into it actually. I used to see the earlier seasons of Masterchef but they all included non vegetarian dishes. Since I am a vegetarian I don't prepare non-vegetarian food. This season was a vegetarian season and as soon as my kids came to know about it, they urged me to participate! I still remember I gave my audition on 6th of November,2014.

Me: Have you always loved cooking? Who is your inspiration when it comes to cooking?
Pratibha: Yes I have always had an inclination towards cooking. Before marriage, my mother and sister were my inspiration. After I got married, my son is my inspiration! He always wants something different to eat.…