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Just Breathe..

The air which we breathe
tells us a million stories
Every place 
every rock
every stone
every standing tree

And every raindrop
tells us the deepest of the secrets
The morning gasp of air conveys something
So does the dusky evening
Breathe O breathe
Just breathe to be...
Breathe so that everything 
Comes back to something
For every breath we take

There is something special hidden..
Every whisper in the night
has something to offer
The subtle breath is endeavouring
to enlighten us all.. 
Breathe O breathe
 Just breathe to be
When the heart beats faster 
so does the breath
Just close your eyes
and let your breath tell you
where you belong...
Breathe O breathe
Just breathe to be

Just a single deep breath can be so exhilarating
just a single breath can change our lives for ever
because life is nothing but breath
we come in this world breathing in
we leave this world breathing out
Nothing but breath
Connects us all
Breathe O breathe
Just breathe to be
Let nature
tell you it's deepest s…