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Mumbai - Pune - Mumbai!

Although I was born in Pune and lived there for most of my life, my circumstances were such, that I have been traveling to Mumbai ever since I was born and have lived in Mumbai for five years. Currently too, I reside here- in Mumbai.

The two cities, Mumbai and Pune are so geographically close yet so different! I notice these tiny differences in both the cities each and every time I travel to and fro!

The age old argument whether "Bombay"(Mumbai) is better or "Poona"(Pune) still goes on whenever people from these two cities meet.
There are a vast number of differences and it's almost impossible to jot them all. Nevertheless, here are some interesting differences-

Mumbaikars talk of one place to another in terms of time- For e.g- Dadar is an half an hour away from Churchgate by fast train.Punekars talk in terms of kilometers- For e.g- Bibwewadi 12.3 kms away from Ferguson Road.
Mumbai is a city which never sleeps, everyone here is awake almost 24 X 7Pune is awake …

Physiotherapy- A way to better life!

Physiotherapy or Physical therapy.. What is it??

In India, most people are unaware of what exactly is physiotherapy and what a physiotherapist does. The plight of physiotherapists is such that despite slogging for years, we hardly get any recognition or a decent amount of remuneration. 
In India, the condition is such that despite we being given the prefix "Doctor" there is hardly any respect or awareness about this profession. Yes, the awareness is increasing but not at the level that it should. We physios are willing to dedicate our lives in the service of humanity just like other medical professions but there is lack of opportunity for us to do so!!
Another problem physiotherapists face is constant attempts of other medical faculties like MBBS, Orthopaedics and other branches in trying to put down the profession. 
Not all of them are like that of course! There are so many wonderful and respectable doctors from other medical fraternities that I have met, but there are som…