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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Life - By Aditi Jog

Life is like a game
Of snakes and ladders
Sometimes sad
Sometimes happy

Sometimes up
Sometimes down
Sometimes happening
Sometimes risky

Life can be a gift
as well as a curse
only the perspective matters
only the use matters

Life is an experience
and experiment for all of us
Life is also a teacher

Life is to see
to learn
to understand
to grow

Life is
all around
for us
to experience it

Each life has a meaning
Each life has a purpose
Each life is an irrevocable gift
which once gone
cannot be returned

So cherish each moment
Cherish each day
Cherish each second
and make life a memorable gift

To give
and to receive
and to enjoy
an expensive gift
called "Life"
Aditi Jog

Written and submitted by Aditi Jog (Reiki Healer and teacher, law student, Pune)

I hope you all loved this superb poem by Aditi. One of my personal favourites!

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You!

Au Revoir!

Monday, 25 May 2015

Bea(YOU)tiful- By Nikita Prabhu

She was standing there quietly watching the sea,
As the mischievous wind played with her hair,
It seemed as if she's thinking of a key
For something as beautiful as,
with her life, her affair

She was beautiful for the way her mind
was engulfed in the waves
Her looks though were run of the mill
Lost in her own thoughts as deep as a cave
Something paramount she was trying to instill

She was beautiful for the way she spoke about her passion
Even for others it may have been out if fashion
But the shimmer in her eyes was inescapable
And in all senses she was truly invincible

She was beautiful because her mind gleamed
And life became a cakewalk even though difficult it seemed
All the backbreaking turned out to be fruitful
and she, in the real sense of the word,
became Bea(YOU)tiful!!

Written and Submitted by Dr. Nikita Prabhu (Physiotherapist)

I hope you all enjoyed this poem shared by her on my blog!

Last two days for summer sizzle to end!

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You.

Au Revoir!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Dance With Chirag!

Last year, we all had a chat with this wonderfully talented and unique personality called Chirag
Chirag Aggarwal
Aggarwal who is a dancer, a dance trainer, choreographer, a zumba instructor, a singer and a pianist!
Phew! So many talents in one person! 

This year, I give you all another chance to get to know a bit more about him.

So I asked this semi-finalist of the Dance Premier League (Sony TV) a few questions and he shot back all the answers in a jiffy. Here they go!

Me: As an artist, did you face any struggle?
Chirag: Not really. I guess things worked out pretty well for me since the beginning.

Me: What/Who is your motivation when it comes to dancing?
Chirag: Anything motivates me because I love dancing!
Chirag Aggarwal 

Me: So you always wanted to pursue a career in dance?
Chirag. Surprisingly, no. It's since the last 8 years that I am into dancing. It was my mother who felt I could dance so she enrolled me in a dance class. They recognized my talent there and then within a week I was promoted to an advance class, within a month performing in shows and teaching the people who were earlier supposed to be ahead of me! So much grace!
Chirag Aggarwal

Me: Any specific diet/ workout you follow as a dancer?
Chirag: I try to follow a balanced meal and eat food before 10 pm. Everyday workout is essential and especially it's best to workout in the mornings.
I also do my spiritual practices and Yoga regularly, as an Art Of Living volunteer, follower and believer.

Chirag Aggarwal
Me: What about your singing and piano playing?
Chirag: That I have been pursuing since my childhood. I always wanted to sing and play piano in front of people and see? Today I am doing the same!

Me: Along with talent, what do you think is necessary as an artist?
Chirag: Good communication skills are important. With regards to talent, I feel any talent which anyone has is never for oneself. Talent is always for others, never for your own self. As an artist, I perform for others or teach others. Whatever talent one possesses whether it is singing, dancing, speaking, acting, writing or any other talent, it is always for others!

Me: Can you tell me what is your biggest strength as an artist?
Chirag: (Pauses to think) Well, I think my commitment towards my work is the biggest strength I have. I do my best to pursue what I want to the best of my ability.

Me: Any upcoming projects you would like to share?
Chirag: Well I have launched my own YouTube Channel "DanceWithChirag" Check my Video to know about me and also my website  for all the latest updates and information.

Me: Just for your fans-
Your favourite singer? Chirag: Too many, can't  name one
Your favourite colour? Chirag: White, Green, Yellow and Orange
Your favourite city? Chirag: Amritsar, Bangalore, Mumbai
Your favourite cuisine? Chirag: I am basically a total foodie! Love good food of all sorts. If I have to name a cuisine it would be South Indian and Punjabi. 


Ashish Aggarwal- Chirag's biggest strength is his ability to keep learning! Even though he knows so much as a dancer and dance trainer, he never fails to keep learning and keeps updating himself! He is eager to learn as much as he is eager to teach!

I recently realized how enthusiastic he always is. He never gets bored of teaching the same thing to millions out there. Each and every class of his has the same enthusiasm and is full of energy and is unique in itself! He never gets bogged down by anything and that is surely his strength!

Prachi Nagul- I had attended Chirag's workshop sometime back. Really enjoyed it a lot and learnt a lot about dancing from him. He is full of energy. It's just awesome to dance with him!

Aditi Jog: Chirag's workshop is too good. The way he conducts his workshops, I liked it. I love dancing a lot and always wanted to learn from Chirag. He is just too good and so are his workshops! Glad I got a chance to learn from him!

Hope you all enjoyed this interview with Chirag and the others who spoke about him!

Read his previous interview where he has shared some other aspects about himself-

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You.

Au revoir!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Watermelon Kiwi Banana Smoothie - Anish Nair

Too much heat to handle?! Beat the heat the healthy way!

Check out this awesome easy to prepare Watermelon Kiwi Banana smoothie blast!

1/4th watermelon cut into pieces
1 kiwi. Dice it.
1 frozen banana
2-3 ice cubes.

Blend in a blender for 30-40 seconds.

Pour in a glass and you are ready!

Note:If you like your driink to be sweet,  instead of adding sugar, if you add some apple juice it will increase the sweetness and be a healthy drink!

Happy Summer!

Anish Nair
Submitted by Anish Nair. (Mechanical Engineer at MGL)

Hope you all enjoyed this recipe submitted by Anish!

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You

Au revoir!

Friday, 22 May 2015

Pratibha Kochar speaks!!

Pratibha Kochar
Hello everybody! Today we have with us a homemaker, a mother and a Masterchef India contestant (Food show latest- season 4)!! Please welcome Pratibha Kochar on my blog who will share quite a few things with us!

Let's see what conversation I had with her-

Me: Pratibhaji, how did you think of taking part in Masterchef?
Pratibha: My children pushed me into it actually. I used to see the earlier seasons of Masterchef but they all included non vegetarian dishes. Since I am a vegetarian I don't prepare non-vegetarian food. This season was a vegetarian season and as soon as my kids came to know about it, they urged me to participate! I still remember I gave my audition on 6th of November,2014.

Pratibha Kochar With Chef Vikas Khanna

Me: Have you always loved cooking? Who is your inspiration when it comes to cooking?
Pratibha: Yes I have always had an inclination towards cooking. Before marriage, my mother and sister were my inspiration. After I got married, my son is my inspiration! He always wants something different to eat. So this motivates me to explore cooking and try out different things!

Me: Any special memory related to Masterchef?
Pratibha: Well there are so many memories! Can't name anything specific!

Me: What did you learn after being a part of the reality show?
Pratibha: Well remember once, we were given a task and I was the captain. Our dish messed up but fortunately I had already thought of a back up plan so we won the task. It was then that I realized having a back up plan is very important in life.
I also learnt that presentation of the food is very important.
We had gone to Dubai too during the show. I realised people all over the world stereotype Indian food only in terms of 'roti-sabzi'or just Punjabi food.
Pratibha Kochar
Through Masterchef, I think we got a chance to show what a huge amount of variety our Indian food has! Each of our cultures provides some lovely food doesn't it?

Me: I have heard you conduct your own cooking classes?
Pratibha: Yes, since the last four years. People wanted to learn from me since they liked what I cooked and that's how it all started.

Me: Pratibhaji, any recipe you would like to share with us?
Pratibha: Yes why not!

Golden bag
1 cup makka aata (Corn Flour)
Salt to taste
2 tabs oil
½ ts rosemary
½ ts oregano
Water as required
Mix all the ingredients and make a dough. Give it rest of 10 minutes , then make small balls and roll it thin. Stuff with baby corn masala and pack it like a potly (bag/pouch). Fry it in medium hot oil.

Recipe for Baby corn masala
1 cup baby corn slice
1ts green chilly chopped
1 ts ginger fine chopped
½ ts red chilly powder
1 tbs oil
1 ts cumin powder
Pinch of hing (Asafoetida)
1 tbs coriander fine chopped


Heat the oil in the pan then add green chilly and ginger, cook for 2 min.  After that add corn and all the dry spices and stir it well. Cook it till corn gets soft. Remove from the heat and add coriander in it.

There your recipe is ready! Serve with tomato sauce and cheese sauce .

I hope each one of you enjoyed this interview with Pratibha Kochar!
Keep waiting for more interesting stuff in the Summer Sizzle!

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Samir and Sakshi -By Anand Verma

Samir was alone in his room. Heavily

drunk. Sakshi, his girlfriend, left him,

a few months back. Reason? She had
caught him visiting a brothel.
Even worse, she came to know the
girl in the brothel were under-18.
She had slapped him, cried for a day
or two and then packed her bags
and left. They had been in a live-in
since 2 years before that.

Samir was rich. Even though 25, he
was a big businessman thanks to his
sharp skills.He was soft spoken,
humble and a quiet guy.
Add to that his collection of cars and
his fit body, he was everything a girl
could ask for.
But he fell for Sakshi. She seemed
like the definition of beauty. The
slim waist, those deep black eyes
below the beautiful eyebrows. That
long hair tied in a bun, a strand of
which came to her face.
His jaw dropped when he first saw
her and just like a stupid romeo, he
straightaway went and proposed her.
At first, she was shocked and looking
at his Audi A8 and his clothes, she
took him to be a rich spoilt brat of a
rich parent who slept around with
But how wrong she was! All Samir
had inherited from his Dad was a
piece of land to setup his company.
And after continuously asking her for
a date for two months and getting
denied, he hacked into her facebook
account and changed her password.
He wasn't a genius for nothing. Not
to mention,that he gazed at her
pictures all day.
And after offering to give her
account back to her if she agreed for
a date, Sakshi had no choice but to
accept. Not that she couldn't complain to
the police, but Samir's simplicity
had started to show the effect on
And after the first date, she just
couldn't turn back. She just fell for
him. She came to know how he had
erected his own fortune, and how he
had never got any time for girls until
he met her. He wanted to change
the world. To change the society. To
help people. She knew, he wasnt
lying. She could read that in his
eyes. Three days after their first
date, they shared their first kiss,
seven days later, they lost their
virginity and 12 days later, she had
moved to his apartment.
They seemed true soulmates for each
other until she came to know that
he was visiting a brothel lately.
Even his friends didnt believed that.
Simply because, Samir wasn't that
type of guy; and more importantly,
because he was happy with Sakshi.
And since she left him, he had
started drinking heavily.
And now, instead of visiting the
brothel, he started calling the girls
at his place.
He cried when he was alone,
remembering the moments he had
spent with Sakshi and how much
wrong she had taken him to be.
Obviously, there isn't only a single
side to a story. Likewise, Samir too,
visited the brothel for an hour. He
used to hand the agent hard cash
and ask for the youngest girl they
had in the brothel. And obviously,
he asked for a closed private
Money has its own advantages, you
And sometimes, when the girl was
escorted to his compartment, he
used to be shocked that some were
as young as 12 or 13.
His heart would cry but not him. He
was strong.
 He used to make them sit and ask
them how they were brought here
and what do they get and do they go
to school and thousands of
questions. Obviously, he wasn't a
pedophile. Neither a lust driven
man. Even the girl would be
surprised that he was so humble and
polite. And he didn't want to have sex
with them. For those girls, Samir was
a ray of hope.
And after talking with them on the
first meeting, Samir started teaching
the girl whoever was escorted to
him. And while departing, he would
give the girl 1000 bucks for herself.
He used to say that she would need
them. He used to send the girls books too, so that they could learn by
themselves. Not to mention that he paid the agent for the appoint too.
In subsequent visits, Samir became
the favorite of both category of

The agents or in desi, the
dalaals, because he paid them well
as well as the girls because he was
just so good. Polite. Honest. They
were at a loss of adjectives for him.
Obviously, they knew what adjectives
meant cause he had taught that to
some of them lately. And yes, all this
was kept a secret between Samir and
the girls. Obviously, most of them
were either sold by their parents
when they were young or some were
just kidnapped and brought there.
None of them wanted to work there
and Samir was their only flame in
the darkness. They were happy to
keep the secret. All this was going
on when the lightning struck. And
it had to, with Samir's mind
elsewhere. Sakshi could read his
mind. She knew something was
wrong. And then she saw it herself,
one day. 
But all she saw was Samir going in the brothel. And yes,
she could be forgiven for being
judgmental. Anyone could be.
Samir decided to not tell her the
truth, because he felt pained that
she believed him to be a cheater.
He remained silent when she asked
if that was true and taking his
silence to be a yes, she cried days
and nights, finally leaving. Samir
cried himself too.
But then he decided to divert his
mind to his old work.
He worked at his office in the day,
and started calling the girls at night
to his apartment. He paid a good
amount to the agents so they were
happy to send him one for the
And obviously, he would teach the
respective girl all night. All girls
used to wait with bated breath for
their chance to visit him because he
was so nice to them. The girls had
formed a bond among themselves
because of the 'Samir secret' and
they had a sense of unity among
Samir had started taking sleep
deprivation pills to stay up all night
and it was getting a good amount of
hard work from him to work so hard
both in the day and in the night.
And today, was another such day.
Usual! He had come from the office
at 6. The girl would come at 8. And
in between those two hours, he
drank and he cried. He cried
everyday for Sakshi. He wanted her
back so bad. It was two months
since she left. And he felt hollow
inside himself. Obviously, he loved
her so damn much.
He was crying when he heard a
knock on the door. He saw his watch.
It was 8 o'clock.
The respective girl must have
 He quickly got up. Washed his face
to wipe the tears and brushed to
eliminate the smell of alcohol and
then went to the door.
He pulled the door inside. And
A slap landed right on his left
cheek. It was Sakshi.
She pounced on him like a tigress
and then grabbing his hair towards
her, kissed him the hardest she
could. Samir was at a loss of words.
Tears flowed from the eyes of both of
them as she threw him on the bed.
'Why didn't you tell me that?' She
asked as she broke the kiss and
cried on his chest.
'I was waiting. Waiting for you to
realise on your own.'
They kissed, they cried, they made
out for the next hour or so in their
'Oh shit!' Sakshi exclaimed
remembering something.
'What?' Samir questioned.
'I left the girl outside.' Sakshi
replied. And went towards the door
before remembering she was naked.
She covered herself up with a
bed sheet and then looked for the
girl outside the door but she
couldn't see anyone. Her eyes fell
on the ground and she saw a letter
slipped under the doormat.
She picked it up and started reading
as more tears rolled down her eyes.
'Samir' she blurted out with effort
through her tears.
He came rushing to her. Seeing the
letter in her hand he her what was
that. All she did was handle the
letter to him.
He took the letter and started
"Samir bhaiya,
Thank you so much for the help. And
the money. And for being polite.
And for the teachings.
Thank you for everything.
Today, we all girls have decided to execute the plan that we had
devised in the last few days. We are
fleeing. Yes, with the money we have
and with whatever we have learnt,
we can start a new life.
The one, in which, we could do
something better than selling our
People say that we can just feel god,
but we have seen him. He looks like
Thanks for our new life.
The prostitute whom you never saw
as one :-)"

As he finished reading the letter, a

smile escaped through his tears.

A smile that said that he knew this
was going to happen. He knew what
they needed was education and
hope. And money. And he gave them
all three. He knew this was bound to
He took the letter, pushed it in a
book lying nearby as he picked up
Sakshi in his arms and went for a
happy, merry night once again.

Written and Submitted by ANAND VERMA. (IIT Student, Jaipur, Rajasthan)

Hope you all enjoyed this story shared on my blog by Anand.
Let the summer sizzle continue! Will share more posts by others in my 12 day blog fest! enjoy!

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy . Be You. 
Au Revoir!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Gaurav Ghatnekar - A candid interview with a gifted actor!

Gaurav Ghatnekar
Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together to welcome none other than Gaurav Ghatnekar! Today we have with us a handsome hunk who is a talented Marathi and Hindi actor, famous for his movies like "Tujhi Majhi Love Story" and shows like "Tuj Vin Sakhya Re" among many others. He
has recently been essaying the role of Lord Krishna to perfection in a popular Hindi show called Dharmakshetra on Epic Channel.

Back after a game of squash, in a candid chat with me, he answers some of my questions-

Me: Have you always wanted to be an actor? What made you decide that you want to be an actor?
Gaurav: When I was a kid, I was fascinated by a lot of professions. One day I would want to be a bus
Gaurav Ghatnekar
conductor the other day a 'pepsi-cola' seller, as I grew up I wanted to be a pilot so that I could fly a plane . Then I felt like joining the army once. I realised that if I want to be so many people at once, I should be an actor! An actor can be whoever he wants and that's the best part of it! So I guess that's how I turned towards acting.

Me: You have been playing the role of Lord Krishna in a mythological drama series called Dharmakshetra. How has been your experience playing such an important character? What preparation did you have to do to play Lord Krishna?
Gaurav: See, the show is such that it is based in a situation where all the characters of Mahabharata try to put forth their view if they were alive today. So technically it's not a 'mythological' character that I am essaying but yes I did prepare for my role like I always do. I did a bit of research on the Mahabharata and read
Gaurav Ghatnekar
books like  'Yugant' and 'The difficulty of being good' by Gurucharan das.

Me: Whom do you consider as an inspiration when it comes to acting?
Gaurav: I have been fortunate enough to learn from Naseer sir (Veretan actor Naseeruddin Shah). He is my mentor and my first and foremost inspiration when it comes to acting. I have learnt a lot from him.
Another inspiration in terms of acting is obviously Bachchan Sir (Legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan)
If you think in terms of business then definitely  Shahrukh Khan!
In Hollywood it would be Dustin Hoffman.

Me: . Do share with us a favorite/funny memory from your film 'Tujhi Majhi Love story'
Gaurav: I really had a ball shooting that movie! We all had so much fun!
Tujhi Majhi LoveStory
Let me tell you something, I am 5'7" in height and I had to do an action sequence with people who were way taller than me! Like 6 ft plus! So the moment I saw the shot on the screen, I burst out laughing. It was hilarious really and I still remember that.

Me: What kind of person are you on the sets?
Gaurav: I am usually a different person professionally and personally. I am usually serious at work though of course I do have my sense of dry humor.

Me: Any word of advice for those who wish to become actors?
Gaurav: Everyone study hard and don't become actors! Those who don't study become actors! (Laughs)  Just kidding!

Me: Just for your fans-
Gaurav Ghatnekar
Your favourite colour? Gaurav- Black and White both. They are the basis of all colours and can be worn anytime!

Your favourite cuisine? Gaurav- Chinese without a doubt! I can eat Chinese cuisine anytime!

Gaurav Ghatnekar
Your favourite city? Gaurav- It has to be Mumbai. I was born here and I wish to die here too.

Your favourite Marathi movie? Gaurav- In terms of acting it is ' Pinjara' in terms of movie as a whole I like 'Duniyadari'.

Me: Any upcoming projects your fans should know about?
Gaurav: I have an upcoming movie calle 'Radio nights 6.06' with Kadambari Kadam. I also have a movie called 'Honeymoon' lined up and another untitled movie.
Gaurav Ghatnekar and Kadambari Kadam

Gaurav Ghatnekar
There folks, that was Gaurav for you revealing some interesting bits about himself!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this interview!

Gaurav Ghatnekar

Follow him on twitter:

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Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You.

Au Revoir!