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Of Angels and Demons.

Jannat (Heaven) and Jahannum (Hell) Achchai (Good) and Burai (Evil) These are common phrases we utter everyday.
Infact, we often categorize people mentally as "good" or "bad" based upon what we think, feel, act or react.

The latest news going on, about Indrani Mukerjea who killed her own daughter, or about Jasleen Kaur from Delhi, who framed an innocent man wrongly and accused him of eve-teasing her and about Hardik Patel who is fighting for the so-called rights of the Patidars and is demanding reservation and has created a ruckus in the state of Gujarat leading to riots at places. All these current happenings ponder me to think on this ever controversial topic.

What prompted these people to do the horrendous things they did?

In today's media world, negative sells. News channels and newspapers are filled with updates on cases like these and we all seem to lap it up. Aren't we all intrigued to know more about the cases I just mentioned above? Why? Isn't…

Tips for glowing skin - Beauty Basics.

Whether you are a guy or a gal, working, studying or snoozing, one thing is common, We all want to look good. Looking good doesn't mean you need to imitate someone or be a supermodel. Looking good just means being the best version of yourself.
When we feel good about ourselves, the confidence shows in whatever we do.

The basic of looking good, is having good skin. Good skin does NOT mean being fair. It means having a good skin irrespective of your original skin colour. No amount of make up is going to be a substitute for good skin.  You don't need to spend money and time on visiting beauty salons every week if you try few simple things. :)

Here are a few tips which I've tried for a good skin.

1. Steam.
Steaming your face once in a week at least, will help open up the pores and cleanse it from within.
If you have a steam machine, good, if you don't worry not!
Just take a vessel, boil some water after it is heated, shut the gas, allow the steam to reach your face, cover …

Mumbai Diaries Part 1


It was January 2015, I was back from my month long course in Australia and  was hunting for a job and landed in Mumbai. In fact, I had decided to come to Mumbai  two years back when I was studying. Somehow, I felt I should try and see if working in Mumbai works for me.

It so happened that I landed up in Vile Parle in the Western side of Mumbai, in a PG (sharing paying guest) a system where you share your room with other girls

I shifted my base from Pune to Mumbai and with my luggage, kissing my Mom a bye, landed up in the PG.

I have lived in Mumbai as a child, for 5 years, completed my schooling there,  so Mumbai isn't something totally new to me. But living in a city, away from the comfort of home, was something I wasn't used to at all. I wasn't used to living with just a bed, some clothes, without Television or a washing machine to wash clothes or a maid to wash vessels.  Doing everything on my own! Oh God! that was my first challenge! Doing cooking, cleani…

India, Where do we stand?

15 August- Independence Day, Azadi Ka Din, Swatantrata Diwas these words mean a lot to us Indians.
In today's times, where we Indians are still fighting for our rights, for things like net neutrality, freedom from corruption and religious fanaticism and what not, I still don't know whether we should celebrate "Independence".
Agreed we are an Independent nation today. Despite being looted and ruled by the Britishers for 150 years, we have risen at a good height. We have set an example to the world in terms of Yoga, spirituality and our Mars Project by ISRO among many others. We are an icon of peace and tolerance and hospitality. There is not an iota of doubt about all of these things.
Even then, I feel we have a long way to go. We are battling within our nation. We are a nation of contrasts. We have the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor from our nation. The world is abuzz about Sundar Pichai being Google's CEO and then when I see beggars around, I wo…