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"Intolerant" India?????

Hello everyone!
I am back to blogging after a long time!
A lot has changed over the last month or so.. Not really, but yes, to some extent it has.

India has supposedly become "Intolerant" I keep hearing news of Indian 'Intolerance'- A new concept started by so called 'Adarsh Liberals' and 'Leftists' One isolated incident in Dadri and it has created such a hullabaloo. I agree what happened was very unfortunate, but this generalization of India being Intolerant is too much.

India- A land celebrating Unity in Diversity, a land of different languages, religions and cultures since eons together, suddenly accused of "Intolerance" by subtle anti-Indian forces, creating animosity in our country, differences between each other.

Amid this still on going chaos, came the news of the recent Paris Attack by the ISIS.

The world went into depression, rage and angst at this news.

The city of love and romance- Paris has been attacked by hate. The religious f…