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Mumbai Diaries Part 4

Hey everyone! This is a continuation of my Mumbai Diaries.. Sorry for the long break. Been busy with tonnes of work and other things.

So yes, coming back to Aarti, We managed to locate her address in Jabalpur. We informed the police about it, Richa's friends in Jabalpur spied and confirmed that Aarti is residing there.

All said and done, no, I did not get my laptop back guys. It's gone. Why? The police reluctantly filed an FIR, but refused to act on it.

Any guesses why? Of course because for them, it was just a small case, a robbery that's all. Plus, I refused to bribe. I did not hint even once of paying them extra. If they expected something they were disappointed. I am of the belief that giving bribe is encouraging corruption and I chose to lose my laptop over losing my ethics.

That's where it ends folks. Sorry to disappoint you, but I never got it back.

We left Aunty's home and shifted to a new place in Mumbai.

The year has passed by. It's December and as I…