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8 Travel Tips and Insights

Traveling! Something which is unavoidable in everyone's lives. Some people hate it, some people love to travel, and some others really don't have an opinion about it.
For most part of my life, I have traveled. I have traveled at times with friends, at times with family and quite a number of times, traveled alone.

Despite being an avid traveler, there are times when I get tired of traveling or don't feel up to it at all and there are times when I am very enthusiastic about it.

Before I begin sharing certain travel insights, let me tell you in brief about my travels- I have traveled to Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, some parts of Andhra Pradesh( I don't even remember the names), some rural parts of Tamil Nadu and villages like Kumbakonam, Papanasanam and certain parts of Maharashtra like Nasik, Satara, Tuljapur, Yamai, Mahabelshwar, Matheran, Aurangabad, Raigad, and of course parts near home cities of Pune and Mumbai like Karjat and Lonavala.

Pune and Mumbai being my home citie…

The Currency Ban and it's aftermath

It was the evening of the 8th of November when the news of the ban of the Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes reached me. At first, I just laughed the thing off, thinking it was just another Whatsapp rumor or prank being played by someone. Later on, to my surprise, I actually read the official news articles and confirmed the authenticity of this news. In what is thought to be a major assault on black money, fake currency and corruption, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi went on national television at 8 pm and announced that from the midnight of that day (12 am, 9th Nov 2016) the Rs 1000 and 500 currency notes will be demonetized.

The social media erupted as soon as his announcements came out with scores of netizens praising the Prime Minister's move as a 'surgical strike' on black money, while some others criticizing his move for having caused inconvenience to the common man.

Being preoccupied with things as usual, at first, I didn't realize the magnanimity of the change that …


A feeling,
an emotion,
a sensation,
four letters
One Word

Whenever there is sorrow
sometimes loss of hope for tomorrow,
whenever we feel desolate,
whever we are low
and sometimes much more than we show
we feel it..

Whenever life doesn't go our way
When it seems to go haywire
and we don't get what we desire
at that time,
it drowns us

At times things slip out of our hand
like fine beach sand,
at times certain storms,
seem hard to go away,
the going gets rough
and the times seem tough
and it hits us very hard
the Pain..

It is not just a feeling or a sensation
It isn't just a mere emotion
We all experience it,
But if we learn to deal with it
it is our biggest motivation

The biggest teacher
the reason for many to succeed
the reason for many to become stronger
the reason for many to become wiser
the reason for many to become aware
the reason for all of us to grow
is Pain

It teaches,
It transforms,
It makes us
better versions of ourselves..

My favou…

Kashmir, terror and conflict

The latest news of Burhan Wani's death and the kind of rage it led to is really shocking and saddening.
I don't understand why certain sections in the society are sympathising with Burhan Wani and his death. He was a terrorist, found with AK47s, was instigating the people of Kashmir against India and the Indian Army simply did their job by shooting him. He was a trained professional, head of Hizbul Mujahideen, a terrorist organization acting against India and knew how to deal with and handle guns and fight.

For a certain section of Kashmir, he was like a freedom fighter, fighting to create an Independent Kashmir, a jihadist, separatist, funded, trained and supported by Pakistan to fight against India.

Instead of being grateful to our Army because of whom we are sitting comfortably in our homes with a free will to comment, the so called pseudo liberals are out there demeaning them. 1000s of soldiers lose their lives and sacrifice themselves for our safety and nobody gives a dam…

Bhivpuri Water Rappelling- Bekare Waterfall

It was Sunday.. the 17th of July.. I was invited by a friend for a trekking experience and to try water rappelling, which was something different so I agreed to jump on board with the plan. Turns out, it was quite a memorable day afterall!

Sharing many pictures and my experience of this memorable day with all of you.

After a long long time I was back with nature and I really had a lot of fun.

We were a group of 28 people and we had two team leaders with us who were from Mumbai Travellers.

The place is Bhivpuri, which is a town in Karjat taluka near Mumbai. One has to trek and climb up for an hour or more, to reach the Bekare waterfall, where the rappelling takes place.

It was morning when we began our journey, reached the destination by bus and then began to climb  our way up and my my! wasn't it quite a experience! The place is breathtakingly beautiful and picturesque and seeing the lush green around me, I was really amazed and happy.

I was finally away from the city and breathi…

Beauty and beyond

Today, we live in a world who judges us by our superficial appearances. We are constantly shown that being young is beautiful or being fair skinned and slim is.

The society has stereotyped beauty into a superficial skin deep thing. For me, beauty is not just skin deep.

Yes outer beauty is a great thing and it's a good thing we strive to achieve it and look good.
You, me, everybody!

But for me, it is much more and hence I am writing a poem along the same lines :)

In the smile of a child and the mother who smiles back beauty shines
In the falling of leaves during autmn beauty pervades

In the darkness of night where stars shine bright beauty deepens

In the dark colour of beautiful skin which is weaved with a heart of goodness and gold beauty beams

In the scars of a wounded soldier beauty bleeds

In the courage of a social activist beauty stands tall
Beauty is an act of kindness done selflessly
Beauty is holding the hands with someone you love
Beauty is an eighty year old smiling happily through her wrinkl…

Fashion sense simplified - choose your colours!

Hey! So it's been a long time since I posted about fashion. If someone had told me few years back that I would be blogging occasionally about this genre, I wouldn't have believed them. Lol. I am not a fashionista per say, but I believe that a sense of style and clothing goes a long way. So here I am, sharing a few things with all of you, which you can use in your day to day lives.

We all hear the word "Fashion sense" when it comes to clothing and dressing up.
Whether it is celebrities, the media, corporate functions, house parties or traditional gatherings, the word' Fashion Sense' crops up everywhere.

The thing is, combining outfits and creating a sense of style isn't really that complicated as it seems. It is mostly about choosing the right colour combination than anything else. Of course accesories play a great role and for women make-up too, but those are secondary.

As the saying goes 'Clothes maketh a man' We all can spruce up our wardrobes …

Politics, Power, Pride and Prejudice!

There was a time in India, when the British ruled the nation. They ruled India for 150 years. A handful of British ruled the entire huge nation for such a long time. It seems impossible that such few people had a hold over such a large population. You know what their strategy was which gave them a hold on us Indians? "Divide and rule" Eventually we Indians fought back for freedom and today we are an Independent country.

The thing is, this Independence, isn't proving to be a total piece of cake. Somewhere down the line, we are paying the price of being Indian.

The Congress Party ruled this nation for majority of the years post Independence. I am not denying good things done by them, but the corruption levels, the amount of scams and crimes done by members of their party would put even criminals to shame!

The BJP led Modi government came into power  2 years back. The people who's pockets were being filled due to the Congress government when it was in power, had huge p…

Summer Care tips. Beat the heat!

It's summer again. Whether you live in cities which have dry heat like Delhi, Bangalore or Pune or humid heat like Mumbai, Chennai or Goa, summer is in and we all need a few handy tips to beat the heat!

Here are a few tips which may be handy-

1. Stay hydrated. Keep yourself hydrated and prevent dehydration and fatigue by drinking lots of water. Drinking 3-4 litres of water in a day is a must in summer, especially if you travel outside frequently like I do. So always carry your bottle of water with you. 
2. Protect your head. Whether it is wearing a scarf or a cap or carrying an umbrella, it is always better to protect your head to avoid sun strokes and giddiness and sun burns.
3. Wear Sunglasses. The UV rays are high during summer and it is always best to wear sunglasses to beat them.
4. Wear summer clothing. By summer clothing I mean something not very tight and sticking to the skin. Loose clothing, preferably cotton, and something covering your body to avoid too much tanning. 
5. Fo…