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Back pain- Avoiding painkillers

Hello everyone!

As a physiotherapist, I often see people landing up with back pain. It is something very common which I am sure almost 99% of us have faced at a certain point in our lives, irrespective of our age or gender.

Most people think that eating pain killers would make it go away and pop pills in order to get rid of back ache. Of course it provides a temporary relief but is not a long term solution.

Today, due to active and hectic lifestyle, most people hardly get time to think and ponder upon the causes of back pain.

Here I am stating some easily correctable things which could prevent or cure you from back pain-

1. Work Ergonomics- Most of the cases today we see are due to bad posture while at work. Please be careful about what posture you assume when you are at work. Sitting up straight, not stooping, sitting/ standing in certain correct ways, ensuring your back is supported while sitting or travelling will help you eliminate back pain. Next time you are at work, be aware of…

Let it...

When the sun kisses your face
let it,
when the wind brushes against your hair,
let it,
when the darkness overwhelms you,
let it,

For it is the mental barriers we create,
that prevent us,
from being ourselves,
from enjoying life,
to it's fullest

When the rain drenches you from head to toe,
let it,
listen to
the birds chirping in the morning
and the
creatures moving through the dark

When your heart tells you something
let it,
When the mind is telling you to be untamed,
let it,
Let go of all your inhibitions
Of mental and social bondage

Be wild,
Be free,
When you long to be yourself
Be it....