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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Kashmir, terror and conflict

The latest news of Burhan Wani's death and the kind of rage it led to is really shocking and saddening.
I don't understand why certain sections in the society are sympathising with Burhan Wani and his death. He was a terrorist, found with AK47s, was instigating the people of Kashmir against India and the Indian Army simply did their job by shooting him. He was a trained professional, head of Hizbul Mujahideen, a terrorist organization acting against India and knew how to deal with and handle guns and fight.

For a certain section of Kashmir, he was like a freedom fighter, fighting to create an Independent Kashmir, a jihadist, separatist, funded, trained and supported by Pakistan to fight against India.

Instead of being grateful to our Army because of whom we are sitting comfortably in our homes with a free will to comment, the so called pseudo liberals are out there demeaning them. 1000s of soldiers lose their lives and sacrifice themselves for our safety and nobody gives a damn about it.

A terrorist is killed and people lose their senses and try to portray him as an innocent being. The pro pakistani people living in India, are trying to spread hate by portraying him as innocent. Such people, who have been reaping benefits of being an Indian citizen and yet been supporting ISI and pakistan are the main reason which add fuel to the fire of the conflicts going on in our country.

You know there is something wrong with the mentality of the people, when they feel that Burhan Wani was a martyr who gave is life fighting against the Indian Army. The locals in Kashmir throwing stones at the Army who tries to protect them, shows the kind of deep rooted prejudice in the minds of Kashmiris against Indian government and Indian Army.

In the past, people have supported terrorists like Afzal Guru and Yakub Memon. Something is definitely going wrong somewhere and we need to act upon it.

The issues surrounding Kashmir are not new. The beautiful state which is said to be as beautiful as heaven on earth because of it's nature and scenic beauty is now tainted with blood, gore, violence and hate. It is now a predominantly Muslim dominated state, (where the Kashmiri Pandits were forced to flee in 1990, tortured and mercilessly killed by terror gangs.) so a certain section of Kashmiris do have prejudice against India. 

Pakistan has been instigating the people of Kashmir against India, Indian Govermnent and Indian Army. India has always considered Kashmir as it's own but some terrorist elements do not consider it so. 

India will always love Kashmir and this message needs to be sent across strongly to the Kashmiris who have been brainwashed into thinking that India is against them. As an Indian I am pained when Kashmiris say they hate India, because for us, Kashmir has always been a part of this nation. 

The hate is deep rooted and it will take a long time to resolve. Till then, we need to tackle the likes of Burhan Wani and kill them, to protect our India from crumbling. We cannot let such people spread their violent ideologies and sit back and do nothing. The number of Jihadists and separatists is on the rise day by day. We cannot allow young children being filled with hatred and instead of focusing on growing themselves as individuals, they are turning to violence and militancy, destroying their own future. 

What saddens me is the pseudo liberals questioning the Army from the comforts of their home. They are lending support to terrorists who are spreading hate in Kashmir by sympathising with them. 

This makes the terror groups more stronger in their beliefs since such pro pakistan and anti- indian elements are the silent backbone of these hate filled terror outfits. 

Pakistan itself is a nation which suffers terror attacks from time to time. Yet it continues in it's anti- India mission and does whatever it can to attack us. 

We need to tackle the Kashmir issue by spreading awareness that "terror" and "Azadi" is not a solution and also by trying to hunt down terrorists like Burhan Wani and Hafis Saeed who act as role models for young Kashmiris and try and brainwash them into spreading violence and sacrificing their lives for nothing. The Hurriyat is also a body which is responsible for brainwashing young Kasmiris into fighting for a 'cause'

I agree Kashmir and Kashmiris have suffered a lot due to politics going on in the two countries of India and Pakistan. They have a long history of sufferings, but that does not mean that violence is the solution to their problems. Turning to violence is only going to increase their hardships and troubles.
Putting forth their views in a non-violent manner and trying to find solutions through talks should be considered as an alternative.

To those journalists, writers and media personnel who have been spreading violence in the form of their work, shame on you. Instead of trying to promote peace, they are adding fuel to the fire of conflict and prejudice. 

I am a proud citizen of India who is proud of the efficiency of the Army in tackling the terror forces in Kashmir and even then, yes, I do empathize with the situation of the people in Kashmir and hope they see how worthless it is to turn to violence, since it is going to backfire on them and increase their agony. 

The pen is mightier than the sword and hence I write this article as an heartfelt piece on behalf of thousands like me who love India irrespective of its flaws and want it to progress as a nation together and are against being divided on the basis of religion, caste or culture. 

I hope my article tries to counter hate and violence and promote peace, love and humanity, which most of us want and cherish. 

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Bhivpuri Water Rappelling- Bekare Waterfall

lost in greenery 
It was Sunday.. the 17th of July.. I was invited by a friend for a trekking experience and to try water rappelling, which was something different so I agreed to jump on board with the plan. Turns out, it was quite a memorable day afterall!

Sharing many pictures and my experience of this memorable day with all of you.

After a long long time I was back with nature and I really had a lot of fun.
wow isn't it

We were a group of 28 people and we had two team leaders with us who were from Mumbai Travellers.

The place is Bhivpuri, which is a town in Karjat taluka near Mumbai. One has to trek and climb up for an hour or more, to reach the Bekare waterfall, where the rappelling takes place.

Bekare Waterfall Rapelling 
It was morning when we began our journey, reached the destination by bus and then began to climb  our way up and my my! wasn't it quite a experience! The place is breathtakingly beautiful and picturesque and seeing the lush green around me, I was really amazed and happy.

I was finally away from the city and breathing in fresh air was a great feeling.

Finally, panting a bit, I reached the top, along with others, where the water rapelling takes place.

It is actually a waterfall on which one has to do the rappelling. Rappelling or Abseiling is a technique used for controlled descending down from a rock patch or slope. The main equipment used are high quality ropes, descender, seat harness along with gloves and helmet for safety.

All the excitement I had previously, fizzled out a little bit after I saw how high the waterfall is. Although we all were assured that it is relatively safe, I still had doubts in my mind and had begun to panic as to whether I would manage to do the water rappelling.

Since it was a Sunday, there was a lot of crowd and we had to wait for the turn of our group to arrive. Till then, there was another very small waterfall where people were enjoying in the water, so I too did the same,. The feel of being dipped in water and light rains above me, simply wow!

Finally after a while, it was our turn to do water rappelling. I kept nervously asking other people  from our group about their experience, who's turn had come and they had done it. I saw people slipping, some backing out last moment and my nervousness and excitement both, had reached it's peak by the time my turn arrived.

I am the one in blue
Yeah me trying to rappell

I was wearing all the safety gear and given all the instructions by the team who manage the waterfall rappelling. They told me not to be nervous and boosted me to go for it.

I am the one in blue
Finally, I held the rope and decided to descend down. Now, one has to throw their weight backwards and try to keep the knees straight, the legs a bit apart and descend downwards holding the rope and sliding it so that one can go down..

I was doing okay for the initial bit, after which I slipped!! Lo and behold! I thought this is it, I'm dying! haha.. But apart from banging my knees against the rocks of the waterfall nothing happened. I was encouraged by the people on the top to keep going and so I did. I didn't give up.The rope was swinging to and fro and my my, wasn't it quite an escapade!! I was throughout in a state of exhilaration, fear and excitement.

Finally, I managed to finish my rappelling experience as I reached the bottom of the waterfall. I was received by another instructor who unhooked me from the rope and showed me the way up.
With a friend
Wow!! So it was the most exciting thing I had done uptil now and it felt so good to have accomplished that task!

After everyone was done with their rappelling experience, after a short while of lounging around at the top, we decided to descend downwards from the hill and began our return journey. Since it was raining, climbing downhill proved to be much more difficult than when we ascended.

I infact, slipped once, and almost tripped twice while coming down. Even then, I had loads of fun and as my eyes took in all the greenery and nature around me, there was a strange kind of peace within me. I felt like a child again!

It just felt so divine and heavenly.

Since we all were famished as we had not eaten anything since morning, we had hot piping 'Vada Pav' at the base of the hill after the return journey.

Abandoned and lovely hut

There are a few houses at the base which has a tiny village where one can change inside the home of the villagers and where we had our much needed Vada pav.

The return journey was quite memorable too, with our group having dinner together, once we were back in Mumbai.

Overall, if you want to do something adventurous and exciting, Bhivpuri trekking and waterfall rappelling is a great place to have fun this Monsoon. Do go and have your share of fun and craziness, although make sure you go in a group especially if you are a girl, since it is a lot safer that way and you will also have more fun!
with some of the group 

The best thing is it is a one day trip and you can easily manage to go on a Sunday and have your dose of fun and adventure!

Catch you all later,

Till then

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy, Be You.

P.S. My knees are still hurting, but it's worth the experience