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Mumbai- The city which transformed me.

It's been two years in Mumbai now!! Yay! People have asked me often to blog more about the place and I hope I can write more posts about it.

Mumbai has taught me a lot. From being independent, to learning about people from all parts of the country, to house hunting and changing homes where I have had the whackiest to the best of the experiences, to meeting random strangers with whom I have had life changing conversations, to meeting stark crazy people who have taught me how to be alert and stay aware, it's been quite a ride!

There's nothing that this city hasn't made me experience. There are times when I am exhilarated at just being here on my own and there are times when I have been totally down in dumps, wanting to pack my bags and leave.

Mumbai is the city of dreams they say and it sure is..but you have to have your fair share of struggle to be something here.

From totally fun night outings at Juhu beach and Marine Drive, to traveling long hours in local trains for…