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Downtrodden Doctors???!!

Hi everyone! So apparently the "Doctor Strike" in Maharashtra has come to an end after assurance given by CM Devendra Fadnavis.

As a Physiotherapist who has studied and is working in Maharashtra, somewhere, all of this has given me something to ponder upon and has saddened me to a great extent. It has however, not surprised me at all. I have seen the relatives of patients manhaldling resident doctors and surgeons ever since I was a student. This day had to come sooner or later.

I have myself faced patients relatives at certain hospitals who have ordered me around and expected me to get their bedridden kin up, walking and totally alright in two days which according to his condition was not possible and I really had a tough time explaining them the situation. There have been many such incidents which I have faced and keep facing. Let's not get into that. That's not the point.

My point is, the mentality which people have these days. Most people these days feel they can t…