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The Girl In the Rain..

It was a rainy evening
She kept wandering through the streets
Her mind kept jumping
Her heart kept pumping

She wallowed in sorrow
For her heart had been shattered
and she felt as if there was no tomorrow

She wanted to scream
She wanted to cry
She wanted to die
Because she was deeply wounded
By a lie

There was so much pain inside
But she remained mum on the outside
There were so many questions
Yet no answers

All she could hear were the rain drops
So she decided to speak to the rain
To see if it could help her deal with the pain

So.. slowly..
She let the water
Dissolve her worries
her fears and her gloominess

She let the downpour
Wash away her grief and stress
As the rain drops
soaked her lovely dress

She allowed the rain
to be her friend
and give her solace
she allowed her tears to freely flow
and merge in the rainwater

Thoroughly drenched from head to toe
After walking in the rain
for a long long while

She finally got a smile
her eyes sparkled
full of happiness

She jumped with joy