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Have we justified our Freedom??

Hey everyone!! So, this blog- A Moment Of Freedom celebrates it's 100th post! Wow! I never really thought I will make it till here. Honestly, I don't post as often and especially this year, it's been quite busy, especially on the personal front.

Anyway, without you all reading my posts, this blog wouldn't have been anywhwere at all, and I am committed even more to bring even more bettter posts and content for all of you to read.

All my posts have always been heartfelt and I usually don't write something which I don't agree with or relate to.

To all those who read, thank you. I am extremely grateful to everyone who's read this blog.

Through this blog, I 've grown not only as a writer, but also as a person.

So, as I write this, Independence day 2018 is already here. A lot of things have been spoken about
and go on in our country. I would say currently, it is a tough period for all of us, with politicians fighting, riots happening and opinions divided, i…

Humanity vs Brutality: The Battle.

Hello everyone!!

So, it's been quite a while and I'm back to blogging after long! I've made a mental note now to be more frequent with my posts here.
 Sharing with all of you a poem on humanity and it's battle with brutality.


"When people fight over petty issues
Humanity cries
When people support the wrong
Humanity is astonished
When there are wars
where people kill
in the name of religion
when they masscare the other
without a care
Brutality is filled with smugness of it's victory
While in the corner, Humanity bleeds...

When innocent children are harmed
when young girls are maimed
when injustice is done
Brutality gloats in glory
and slowly strangles
Humanity with it's bare hands..

When the cloud of brutality
overtakes the morals and ethics of people
when there are hidden agendas
and selfsh motives
behind harming others
through words or actions
Humanity struggles to breath
she struggles to survive..
she struggles to break free
and wants a chance …

4 simple ways to get out of the Comfort Zone.

Hello everyone!
So it's the first blog post of 2018! It's already been almost two months into the year and I hope the year is going good for all.

  I would like to bring to you 4 very simple ways to get out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons.

What is the comfort zone?
A comfort zone is a zone for each one of us where we feel safe or at ease, where we use only tried and tested methods which can yield only the same type of result.

Why get out of it?
Getting out of the zone, means essentially adding more value to your life, growth in terms of personal and professional life. It basically means expanding your horizons, facing your fears and doing something you have not done before, to make your life more meaningful than it is now.

In fact, writing a blog post on something like this, is me getting out my comfort zone as well, because it's different from what I usually write.

Here I am sharing with you four effortless yet significant ways to change the way you perceive …

Chocolate-Orange Biscuit Cake. Christmas Special.

So it's Christmas time!! I guess almost 90% of the people around the globe enjoy this time of the year and so do I. Regardless of religions and borders, everyone loves playing Secret Santa and celebrating Christmas with friends & family.

Since Christmas is all about sharing and enjoying I am sharing a quick recipe for all of you. Chocolate-Orange Biscuit Cake. This cake is very easy to prepare and requires no baking in the oven. You can simply steam it and have it!! And yes, it's totally Vegetarian, without eggs.

A simple easy to prepare recipe to enjoy in the festive season.


1. Parle G- 20 biscuits.
2. Hide & Seek- 10 biscuits.
3. Cocoa Powder.
4. Sugar.
5. Lukewarm Milk.
6. Baking Soda.


1. Grind the  Parle G and Hide & Seek biscuits separately in the grinder/mixie.

2. Powder the sugar.
3. Mix it well in a bowl.
4. Add milk according to quantity. Batter should not be very thick or thin just right.

5. Beat and mix the paste well. Don't beat…

Rising like the Phoenix..

As we are towards the end of this year, let us take a moment to review how the year was. I guess everyone has had his or her own experiences of good and bad during the year. Personally for me, it was a tough year, where I went through many changes, ups and downs, highs and lows, many changes and many harsh realities to face. I moved back from Mumbai to Pune. Had some changes related to my career, faced lows in my personal life like mourning the loss of my grandfather, facing criticism from people when it was not my fault, being judged for what I do and where I come from, etc etc. I ended up feeling low for quite sometime.

But as I look back, I just see how far I have come. I see how this year has changed me for the good, for the better and made me more resilient, more practical, more proactive and more accepting of people and situations. I see how going through the things I went through, has made me more positive, more compassionate and more careful of how I react to situations. I se…


Most of us go through all sorts of changes through our lives. Small or huge, good or bad, we all go through them, don't we??

Here is a poem on change for all of you ☺

It can render you helpless sometimes
It can make you feel out of place
awkard and astonished
unclear and unfinished

It can make you think
It can shake you to the core
It can leave you in tears
of either joy or sorrow
and make you wonder
what will it bring tomorrow

well it can either bring happiness
or sadness
it can either be disturbing
or exciting..

Whatever it makes you feel
It will always teach you
and make you grow

Oh Change
It can make you move out of your comfort zone
make you realise your potential
and the numerous possibilites
that life offers

It can help you expand your horizons
and see life
from a broader perspective
It can make you soar
and make you take a leap
towards your growth

Oh well Change
Change is challenging
Change is tough
Change can be hard to accept
Change is i…

In conversation with Deepshikha Sharma

Hello everyone!
Since I haven't done interviews featuring people on my blog recently, I thought I would like to get back to them again. I have always brought to you interviews of interesting people from various walks of life.
As a blogger myself, I feel there is nothing as interesting as interviewing and interacting with another blogger. I feel that the the healthy exchange of ideas is a great way to grow and gain new insights. 
So let's admit it,  fashion is something that we all are obsessed with, in today's world. We love to catch up with the latest trends and are always looking for some advice, guidance and inspiration for it.
Today, we have with us a very talented, extremely beautiful, dedicated and intelligent person with us- Miss Deepshikha Sharma.
Deepshikha is a software engineer by the day and a fashion blogger by the evening. 

In her words, she says"Every moment I take time to step back and look at these two seemingly opposite professions co-existing, I feel happ…