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Common Wealth games, sports games or wealth games???

                                                        PART A... 
As today's a holiday...I had the priviledge of getting late up in the morning, as usual, after getting fresh & ready, I decided to check out today's newspapers, (ya..I know eating & reading simultaneously is a bad habit...) As I read the head line of "Games become India's Shame" (about the CommonWealth Games), I decided to read the article... & as I read on, I was shaken....

I mean almost everyone knows that a certain Mr. Kalmadi has filled his pockets full with notes of money, everyone knows that a certain Mr. A R Rahman was paid an amount of Rs.5 crore & yet he produced a third rate song for the Games, Everyone knew that there were additional committees added because the preparation for the games was found to be inadequate... & yet with just 11 days before the CommonWealth Games,the foreigners are complaining of stinking toilets, stagnant water & stray dogs!!! 

Is our country so dumb to appoint these irresponsible people as the leaders of our country??? What is the use of us learning, educating  ourselves & living a "good n healthy" lifestyle, if we can't chose the proper leaders, if we can't raise a voice against injust, money hunting & incompetent politicians who say "we care a damn for you & this country."??? Agreed, that 70% of our population is least bothered about these Games, because they can't even get basic necessities like a two time meal & a home to sleep...why will they be bothered about such Games then???( of course our politicians are not doing anything about that either..u see..they are so very busy increasing their bank balance..) But the question is not just mismanagement with regards to the Common Wealth Games, the question is why isn't our entire country involved in playing host to these games?? Because we feel that "we are not responsible for it..someone else is"....

Whatever the reasons are, fact is that all what these politicians & so called in-charge people did, was to set up a poor arrangement for the 'firangis'..& gave them a big fat chance to show their thumbs down at us....

                                                        PART B..

How can our beloved, highly educated Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh sleep so soundly inspite of such an international humiliation at India, I don't know, all I know is I am a citizen of this country & any disgrace to it highly saddens me, & I know it saddens you also & for that matter it makes millions like me & you, out there sad about this.... but being aware & sad isn't enough.... What we need to understand is, that we all should come "TOGETHER" & discuss such issues & go about them... Because we are forgetting that India is a land where there was once UNITY in there is certainly diversity, but no unity.... Each one is bothered only about themselves, if we can come together on auspcious occasions like ganesh chaturthi, krishnashtami & diwali, if we can come together when there are bomb blasts & floods, why can't we stand together against such irresponsible & immoral leaders....don't you shudder to think that our country's security is in such hands, don't you feel bad when you see 3 & 4 yr old children begging??? You say you do shudder & feel bad...& so do I...but simply sitting & cribbing, mouthing a few bad words at this country's plight isn't going to help.... Its high time that you, me, we all become one big voice against injustice...a fusion of our talents & ideas & taking some concrete steps is the only thing that will change this country......we all must raise a voice together, if not for our own sake, atleast for the sake of those who gave their blood in the past, so that we could live today....Jai Hind.!!!



The Common Wealth Games are a great event and it should be taken seriously. I agree with your point that the games should only focus for good sports and not on wealth.

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