Monday, 4 June 2012

Petrol Crisis!

It was Monday. I hope you get it when I say I hate Mondays. I’ve always been this person who hates the start of a week. Grudgingly I got up & decided to get ready. I looked at the watch & rolled my eyes. I was late. Again!!
I hurriedly got ready, combed my rather stubborn (read curly) hair carelessly & started my Scooty all set to go. As I rode on, I realised that the fuel tank was indicating that it was near empty. Blow!  I realised that I had to stop by the nearest Petrol Pump or my Scooty won’t co- operate with me. Considering that I had to reach a place which is at a 14 km distance from my home, gave me reasons to frown. The more the delay, more late I would be & the more ticking off I would get from the people I was supposed to meet. 
That wasn’t the problem though. I am kind of used to being in trouble anyway. As Harry (Potter) says in one of his books, “I don’t go finding for trouble. Trouble usually finds me” That, my friends is exactly the quote I would like to put here.
The problem was money for the petrol. After reaching the petrol pump, after lining up for it, I started searching for my wallet in my bag. I couldn’t find it. After calmly searching for it twice, I panicked. I started removing all the contents in my bag in search of the wallet. The petrol pump wallas started giving me looks. Few of them were trying to control their laughter. But I wasn’t bothered. I was damned late & I couldn’t find my wallet.
There were no pockets in my churidar-kurta, so no chance it would have been there. As a last resort I decided to open the backseat of my vehicle to check. Lo & behold, there it was, lying inside! Cursing myself for my weak memory, I moved ahead in the line. I was relieved!!

 As he filled the petrol for me, the man smirked at me and said “Pune petrol ke bina nahi chalta aur petrol paise ke bina nahi milta” (Pune doesn’t run without petrol & you don’t get petrol without money) I didn’t know what to reply, I already had made myself a clown courtesy my panic reactions while searching for my wallet. So I merely nodded.
That was in the month of April. As I write this now, I can’t help but wonder how right that man was. A simple but true sentence. 
Our petrol woes are something which will continue. I hope that the new government will take steps towards reducing the petrol prices as soon as possible. 

 All I know is we normal people find it difficult to travel when the price of petrol has started creating big holes in our pockets. If you live in a city like Pune, you would know that personal two wheeler or four wheeler is the most convenient mode of transport in the city, thanks to the much higher rates of the rickshawallas & not to forget their attitude which says “ I own the city, I go wherever I please & I refuse fares when I feel  like.” & also due to the poor public transport, the buses  being scarce in number & hardly ever on time. 

Mumbai is better off in that aspect owing to the local train transport & the fairly good service provided by the B.E.S.T buses. Even Bangalore for that matter. Puneites bear the brunt of the petrol price hike the most I guess along with other cities who don't have good public transport.
The public transport is such a deep issue that it will need a separate blog post for itself! lol

As a middle class girl, all I can do is write this article on petrol on my blog, and read the angry or taunting or funny SMSes & facebook statuses on petrol, by my equally frustrated friends………..Let's go retro now! Time to get back to the bicycle!

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You.

Au Revoir!


“Manasi” called my grandfather who turned 82 this June. “What grandpa?” I asked him. “Get me some water” he said. As I gave him his glass of water, he shabbily grabbed it and started gulping it down.
I watched him..I observed the increase in the wrinkles on his face, the wasting of muscle mass and fat, his bones sticking out. Well he’s my maternal grandpa. My father’s parents left us long back & so did my mother’s mother. He is the only grandparent with us now.
My grandfather was always a fighter. A self-made man in true sense. He fought for India's Independence since he was born in the Pre-Indian Independence era. After having spent time in jail for protesting against the British in 1947, at age 16 he left his village for better prospects. Unfortunately he couldn’t complete his education in the field of medicine or in arts and finally became a stenographer. I won’t go into much details.

Trouble hit him literally, when he was crossing a road in Mumbai. A car knocked him carelessly. He suffered multiple injuries and 17 fractures to be precise. It was living hell for him and the entire family. Till then he had always been a hale and hearty person in the pink of his health. Everybody thought he was gone for good. But he fought. Even after that incident, he made his own tea & food, took care of my grandma and dried his own clothes. All with the help of a walker or a chair. He wrote articles for his Hindu vivek Kendra on the computer despite his condition.
This incident occurred 14 years back. He has been fighting since then. It is only recently after the loss of my grandma that he is not the same anymore. To add to his suffering, he had a stroke recently and his movement has been restricted greatly since then.
You will wonder why I am writing about him. Simply because through the years he has been a source of inspiration for me. I remember him telling me stories while feeding me when I was a kid & I insisting on him repeating those all day, him taking me for walks in the evening, taking my side when my parents refused me something, giving me good English novels to read, watching the Guns of Navarone with me ( an old English classic movie) and many such tiny things which have turned into great memories.
He isn’t the same person anymore. He is weak and tired. His eyes look lost, although they still twinkle.
But he still reads his novels. He reads the same ones again and again and is equally engrossed in them each time!!! I guess I suit as his grandchild with my love for novels too! My flair for writing somehow I feel, has been inherited from him..!

He sits there looking at me and smiles. I go and give him a hug.

Friends, we all have people in our life who inspire us in some way or the other. From our parents, to friends to complete strangers, we all meet some people in our life who really give us that ‘wow’ feeling.

I will name a few people who have inspired me in my life. Sri Sri Ravishankarji, the founder of Art of Living NGO, Khurshed Batliwala, Dinesh Ghodke, Aditi Jog, Prachi Nagul, Isha Kurtkoti, Snehal Hippargi, Arjun Menon, Kratik Malhotra ( )these are some amazing people I have met in my life and they will continue to inspire me always!!

I guess we all have that list. What are you waiting for?? Go make your own list about people in your surrounding who inspire you.... My list will go on....!! 

Many others I haven’t mentioned, maybe next time!

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You.

Au revoir!

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