Thursday, 20 September 2012


Words… They convey

They may hurt you

They may anger you

They may sadden you

They may make you go zany

But those same words

They  can make you feel spirited

They express

They make you exultant

They make you want to twirl

They make you sing because they make up a song

Words give you the power to shriek or whisper

They give a direction to your emotions
They are windows to the inner you

Their power is enigmatic yet guileless

Their importance is understated yet significant

They are subtle in expressing the inside of you

When words are put in the right direction

and are combined by imagination

You can appear as magnetic as a magician

But hey

Remember, never cluster too many words at an instant
don't fall into the trap of verbal diarrhea

Because words; well they are best fathomed
 there is an interim of SILENCE between them…

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be you.

Au Revoir!

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