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Two different worlds

He looked at her and smiled
one look into his smouldering eyes and her heart skipped a beat

they never spoke much but for a reason unknown she felt connected to him  in ways she never fathomed.

She thought he knew  how her heartbeat upon viewing him always went askew she thought he understood  how much he impacted her
Alas! He chided her for being emotional told her not to be foolish never fully understanding the depth of what she felt
He wasn't to be reprimanded though, Because hers was a story  which never got conveyed nor did it ever gain momentum
In the forest they met looking at each other silently It was time for him to leave
She just stood still and the time ticked away the wind blowing across her face  as further away from her he went
He was lost in the darkness of the night tried as hard as she could  but him she couldn't find she called his name till her throat hurt  his name echoed everywhere
so far was he her voice he couldn't hear as he galloped ahead t…