Saturday, 26 October 2013

Two different worlds

 He looked at her and smiled
one look into his smouldering eyes
and her heart skipped a beat

they never spoke much
but for a reason unknown
she felt connected to him 
in ways she never fathomed.

She thought he knew 
how her heartbeat upon viewing him
always went askew
she thought he understood 
how much he impacted her

He chided her for being emotional
told her not to be foolish
never fully understanding the depth
of what she felt

He wasn't to be reprimanded though,
Because hers was a story 
which never got conveyed
nor did it ever gain momentum

In the forest they met
looking at each other silently
It was time for him to leave

She just stood still and the time ticked away
the wind blowing across her face 
as further away from her he went

He was lost in the darkness of the night
tried as hard as she could 
but him
she couldn't find
she called his name till her throat hurt 
his name echoed everywhere

so far was he
her voice he couldn't hear
as he galloped ahead towards his dreams
in valor and delight 

tired and weary
she sat on the grass
the unique pain she felt with every breath 
was a sensation she had never felt
gasping for breath 
she cried till dawn
silent tears falling on the grass 

at dawn 
when the sun beams touched her face
waking her from her troubled slumber 
she knew
that the pain had changed her
transformed her into new
she smiled then because she knew
the Lord was watching over her
It was then time for her to let go

She looking at a chirping bird nearby
she watched it soar across the sky
her heart unburdened and empty
sensing the same freedom and joy, 
she ran across the forest uninhibited 

He will be always cherished in her heart
no matter what, for times to come
As for her story
unfinished for eternity,
It will be wiped away by the sands of time
only the wind, trees and birds will stand witness
as they both continue to live their lives apart
 in two different worlds.....

"Do not pity the dead Harry, and, above all pity those who live without love" - Albus Dumbledore. (Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows)

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” –Sri  Sri

We are all are hurt at some point in our lives. We all fall down  somewhere.  What matters is our ability to get up and not  to lose faith. To smile through all the pain and know that pain can change you, for the better or the worse.  Being strong means knowing that you cannot be that way all the time. You need to have your weak moments, to accept, to let go of things you need to and to know that problems are what bring out the best in us! Every rose has thorns and a caterpillar has to live in a cocoon before it can morph into a beautiful butterfly and fly!

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You!

     Au Revoir!

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