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Happiness is....???????????

where art thou found?

The most difficult thing to define is 'happiness'

All our lives we want only one thing. To be happy.
Kids, adults, old people, good and bad people, sane and insane people, all everyone wants, is to be happy, isn't it?
We have been told that "If you do this" you will be happy. If you "Get that" you will be happy.
We have some fixed concepts in our minds about what happiness really is.
We study, we struggle, we work and do so many things, all in the pursuit of happiness.
We spend our entire lives chasing the ever-elusive happiness.
Even at times when we are happy, does it really last? Just a small word from someone or just a small thing going wrong somewhere is enough to fade our happiness.

These days on  the social networking site - Facebook, you'll find 'The Happy Page' one of the most sought after and popular pages. Reason?? I don't need to tell you do I?

Well if you ask me, happiness is just a state of mind. It is like air, you can only just feel it. Nothing else. It depends entirely on us whether to be happy or not.
Yeah yeah, I know you'll think "that's easy to write but difficult to follow" Of course! I agree with you! It is difficult to follow, but not impossible right???
I feel that if we stop conditioning our minds to think "if" , then a lot of problems will be solved.

Just drop the "if" and be happy that's what I would say. Happiness doesn't depend upon outer things.
I think in today's times, it has become essential for us to be happy and especially be happy without any reason. There is greed, violence, corruption, pain and suffering all around us.. When we realize that happiness is an inner thing and that we ourselves govern it, the world might become a better place to live in.

After all if nothing can take away our pain, then nothing should be able to take away our happiness either!!!!

So yes, it's okay to be unhappy once in a while so that we understand the value of happiness because the true value of happiness cannot be understood without a tiny bit of sadness. ( read more on challenges, villains and exploring the darker side in my post )

Put your self out there in the world, do whatever it takes to achieve your goals, but  do remember to ponder upon this, remember to be happy, will you??

Like I always say- Dream. Imagine. Be. Crazy. You. now I would like to modify it a little. Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be happy. Be You.
Au Revoir!!


Aarav Singh said…
touching.. good post!

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