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What is fashion? - The guys speak!

Hello everybody!
When it comes to fashion, we generally think of women don't we??

Well what about the guys then? Shouldn't we consider them too??

I asked a few cool guys - "according to you what is fashion?"

Let us take a glimpse at these five guys and read their interesting answers!

Ameya studies Cinematography in Annapurna International school of Film and Media and also holds a diploma in direction and acting.
He has worked with Hollywood stars like Senthil Ramamurthy of the Shor in the City, CSI series fame and Kunal Nayyar aka Rajesh Kothrapalli of the Big Bang Theory fame

Here is his answer to my question-
" According to me fashion is the art of creatively covering the body :) "

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Vaibhav is a Software Engineer and a believer in fashion sense

Here is his answer to my question-
" Fashion is comfort coupled with trend "

Catch him on facebook-

Nikhil is a software engineer at iGATE

Here is his answer to my question-
"Fashion is not just about what you are wearing. It's about how you want to describe yourself"
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Premkumar has studied Hotel Management and used to work at Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai. Currently he is working at Disney Cruise Line in Florida, USA.

Here is his answer to my question-
" Fashion is all about presenting yourself in an appealing manner. It is all about changing trend and changing culture"

Catch him on facebook-

Rohan is an engineer who works at Cognizant.


Here is his answer to my question-
" Fashion is expressing yourself. It serves as an extension to our personality. People use the clothing accessories and hair to show or hide something about themselves. So in a way fashion can also be used to disguise your true self  "


Catch him on facebook-

"Clothes are like a good meal, a good movie, great pieces of music.” —Michael Kors

“A respectable appearance is sufficient to make people more interested in your soul”
― Karl Lagerfeld

So yes! that's what some of the guys have said about fashion.

The fashion week isn't over yet and I'll be back with some more posts about fashion!

Keep watching this blog! Enjoy :)

For those who missed what the gals said about fashion,
Here is the link-


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