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Sayali says...

Hello everyone! The  "Feel" week of my Monsoon Blog Fest begins. I will have a new person each day, to share their wonderful views with us.
So as an opening post, we have with us today Sayali Dharmadhikari.
Sayali was willing enough to share a little bit of her thoughts with all of us.
Let us see what she has got to say!
sayali dharmadhikari

Me: Tell us something about yourself. What do you do?
Sayali: What do I do? I read, I write, I appreciate art, I am connoisseur of music. Professionally, I am done with Bachelors of Pharmacy from Mumbai University and I am heading to Wright State University in the city of Dayton, Ohio, USA to pursue Master’s in Pharmacology and many would not believe, but I do plan to come back..! ;)

Me: Tell me any one incident in your life from which you have learnt something.
Sayali: Well, this is not some past incident. It’s happening to me right now even at this moment when I am thinking about this question, I am getting calls and whatsapp messages from friends asking for my time and day of flight, planning my farewell along with gifts (hopefully ;) ) my mom is frantically making besan laddoos and going gaga about how she forgot to teach me theplas,  my dad is worrying if my bags would weigh more than 23Kgs and if I would be able to fill the immigration form properly, my brother and cousins are checking in on me, I am meeting this school teacher (Sadhana teacher; all smiles) who is visibly happy about my venture,I am realizing how little time we have, to spend with those people who mean so much to us. I am finding myself trying to grab all the loose ends, at once. 

Oh there are so many things I wanted to gossip, so many lovely dresses I wanted to buy, play lawn tennis on that PS at Korum Mall., wanted to have so many sleep-overs with my friends,wanted to be a part of the “Dhol-Taashe Pathak” during Ganpati festival
sayali dharmadhikari

Not that I am going for an exile..not that I won’t make new friends..not that I won’t go on adventure trips in an altogether new country. But, well, I have just realized that we all should give a few hours of our lives to the people who really want to see us and who cherish our company. Time is short..lives can change in span of spend time with those whom you value..!   

Me: One thing you love about our country and one thing which you don't?  (since it is August, the independence day month)
Sayali: The thing I love about my country—
Slowly but surely, the youth is taking charge. Once considered naïve and ignorant, today we are the power. I hope the youth progresses, takes the right path and works wonders. I hope we always strike the right cord and help this nation cherish it’s Independence from malice. I am so glad that today, we know for real that “A pen is mightier than a sword”.

The thing I don’t like—
Illiteracy and poverty.
Some might think, “Oh! That’s such a cliché”
Exactly! And that’s the point. We have let these problems prevail for so long that they have now become a cliché. I think, we need to uproot them at the earliest.
sayali dharmadhikari

Me: Any memorable incident related to monsoon?
Sayali: Well, there are a few I used to enjoy as a child.
We used to wait and wait and run to the terrace at the first sign of rain drops to enjoy the ‘The First Rain’. That used to mark an unofficial get-together of an entire building. Inventing new ‘Rain-special’ games, splashing water and of course, paper boats formed an important part.
There was also this new game I am reminded of- we used to have a competition of spotting maximum number of good-looking umbrellas from our terrace. :D

My Note:
manasi joshi (me)
sayali dharmadhikari
Sayali is one of the most wittiest & well-read persons I know. She has an amazing presence of mind and is calm, focused & dedicated towards whatever she wants to achieve in life. Also she has a unique sense of humor!! 

Well everyone, that was Sayali speaking. Tomorrow, I will be back with a new story from a different  & amazing person... So keep a watch on this blog & enjoy!! :)

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