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Nothing is impossible!

Hello everyone!! So after my last post I am back again!! I would like to share with you all a very special event...

It was the last week of September when I was invited by the multi-talented artist Chirag Aggarwal to his event "Danse Visionnaire" means dancing with a vision; which was going to take place on 12th of October..

It was a dance workshop conducted for some really special people.. The differently abled. The special people who live their life on the wheelchairs. They were going to learn dance from Chirag.

Now let me tell you, Chirag is a totally fabulous dance trainer who has taught dance to over 11,000 people all over the country.

So when he first told me about an event like this happening, I was curious. I hadn't ever heard of a dance workshop for the differently abled. It seemed like very innovative and good initiative to me.

I  am a physiotherapist, so, I  have seen (and treated of course) innumerable specially-abled people across many hospitals.

But to see them dance? whoaa! that was something I hadn't seen or heard of before..

I went to this workshop with various doubts in my mind. How on earth was he going to make them dance??? I mean seriously, Howww??? That was the question in my mind..

As soon as all the specially abled participants entered,  I got a chance to interact with them. Each one of them was so amazing and friendly!!They all had so many different talents.. Someone was good at sports and could do a wheelie on the wheelchair while someone else could do something like push ups on the wheelchair!!

The workshop began and whatever doubts I had in my mind they all disappeared in a jiffy!
Chirag Aggarwal and the participants

Chirag made sure that each and everyone of us danced.

The way he conducted the workshop was totally out of the world. We all had smiles on our faces.
We sang, we danced and enjoyed...

I think that it was an honour for me to dance with the specially abled people. Their enthusiasm and spirit brings a smile on my face even as I write this. In their own way, they all are rockstars!

I think I learnt a lot that day. I learnt that no matter whatever happens in life, you never give up. I learnt that from these special people who are differently abled. I learnt that nothing is impossible in life. The very old saying "Where there is a will, there is a way" stands true today in our everyday practical lives.

I learnt focus and dedication from Chirag. He conducts all his workshops with total dedication, determination and sincerity and uses his amazing energy and wonderful talent to inspire people around him and make them totally stress free and happy. He makes us shed all our inhibitions.

Chirag Aggarwal with the participants

We see so many dancers, dance trainers and artists around us but not everyone uses their talent to make people happy and do something good. Chirag does that. This workshop is the biggest example of that..

I feel each one of us here has been given a job by the Almighty to do. Be it dancing or teaching, or writing, or treating patients or blogging or whatever, every job, every task is important.

A sweeper and a cleaner's job is as important as a CEO's or a company manager's job.

Everyone is equally talented and important.

I am glad I got this opportunity to meet such wonderful people and participate in this special workshop conducted by Chirag.
I also got an opportunity to attend another workshop by him which included Zumba, freestyle and Salsa..

So next time any one of you get's a chance to participate in any workshop conducted by Chirag Aggarwal, don't miss it!!

To get more updates you can follow his facebook page

His twitter handle:


A short performance clip:

Also, you can take a look at my previous article-

Like I always say in all my posts. "Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You" :)

Au revoir folks!!! Have fun!!


Meera Vira said…
Well!A huge applause to chirag,and you as well mam..Even I'm a dancer,my dream is to do something in life related to dance..This article is really a inspiring one..#Hope every dancer reads this article..
Manasi Joshi said…
Thank you so much Meera for your kind words. Hope this article helps you to follow your dreams :) Good luck! :)

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