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A feeling,
an emotion,
a sensation,
four letters
One Word

Whenever there is sorrow
sometimes loss of hope for tomorrow,
whenever we feel desolate,
whever we are low
and sometimes much more than we show
we feel it..

Whenever life doesn't go our way
When it seems to go haywire
and we don't get what we desire
at that time,
it drowns us

At times things slip out of our hand
like fine beach sand,
at times certain storms,
seem hard to go away,
the going gets rough
and the times seem tough
and it hits us very hard
the Pain..

It is not just a feeling or a sensation
It isn't just a mere emotion
We all experience it,
But if we learn to deal with it
it is our biggest motivation

The biggest teacher
the reason for many to succeed
the reason for many to become stronger
the reason for many to become wiser
the reason for many to become aware
the reason for all of us to grow
is Pain

It teaches,
It transforms,
It makes us
better versions of ourselves..

My favou…