Sunday, 15 October 2017


Most of us go through all sorts of changes through our lives. Small or huge, good or bad, we all go through them, don't we??

Here is a poem on change for all of you ☺

It can render you helpless sometimes
It can make you feel out of place
awkard and astonished
unclear and unfinished

It can make you think
It can shake you to the core
It can leave you in tears
of either joy or sorrow
and make you wonder
what will it bring tomorrow

well it can either bring happiness
or sadness
it can either be disturbing
or exciting..

Whatever it makes you feel
It will always teach you
and make you grow

Oh Change
It can make you move out of your comfort zone
make you realise your potential
and the numerous possibilites
that life offers

It can help you expand your horizons
and see life
from a broader perspective
It can make you soar
and make you take a leap
towards your growth

Oh well Change
Change is challenging
Change is tough
Change can be hard to accept
Change is intoxicating
Change is addictive
Change is inspiring
Change is thrilling

The power of Change 
cannot be denied
Change is

Hope you enjoyed the post ☺ P.S. Thank you for loving the stuff on my blog. we have already crossed 1,09,658 pageviews as I type this!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who read!!! :)

Will be back with a new post soon

Till then

 Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You. 


Padmavati Joshi said...

Lovely poem, Manasi! So very true too!

Rajeev Joshi said...

Thoughful poem !!👌

Manasi Joshi said...

Thank you Mom and Dad! :) :)

Abhishek Kulkarni said...

Chan.. masta.. loved it..

Manasi Joshi said...

Thanks a lot Abhishek! :)